Friday, November 30, 2007


You know I'm almost ok with the fact that its -17 right now. Like what reason would I have to go out with all this spinning to do? Oh yeah, the cabin fever. Maybe we'll have to go hit Market Mall and park underground to minimise the whole exposure to outside. So the fruits of my labour? OH YEAH!

I really can't stress enough how beautiful this fibre is. The lustre is outstanding, and the softness is crazy!!

Poor Chris has gotten used to moving yarn out of the shower every morning and hanging it on the hooks behind the door. Good man! I have a good 200g+ of each colour done up. SAHWEEET!

Oh yeah and for coming in late, I really only missed a couple of days of the NaBloMomomoomomo or whatever the hell it is. I may not be a joiner, but dammit I am a finisher. Take THAT ladies*!

*And I use that term VERY VERY LOOSELY when referring to my friends. :)

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Stef said...

Damn! Your spinning looks awesome! And I love the colors!