Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Shorn you do!

Gods/Allah/Isis and/or Voodoo Man.. is there any better feeling than a new spiffy haircut? Ok maybe driving down a fall road with an awesome mix CD, gorgeous weather outside (Elvis Costello! David Bowie! Guns & Roses! Nick Lowe!) AND a new haircut*! Perfect fall day.

*and maybe new jeans and a sweater in the back seat. Gilding the lily indeed.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Things I forgot

To brag/blog about.

Socks. Yup lots o socks.

Man Socks! KFB Fat n SASSY Yarn. Yum.

Boring but serviceable.

HHHH socks. I know I showed these but ain't they nice?

Casbah Knee highs. They slouch, but so do I. Nice scarred up knees huh? Thanks skateboarding!*

Self patterning yarn! My first!

And a couple of handspuns. Damned if I can remember where the roving came from, but they are sure warm!

* I got Chris to take this picture this am. In my gonch. I was yelling, LOWER LOWER! NO PANTY SHOTS ON THE BLOG. < loser

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Technology sucks (me in)

Yargh. SOMEONE decided to muck about on my side of the laptop and now I am resetting everything AGAIN. SOMEONE* better check this shit out before he does it again.

In other non tech news:

I have recently paid off a substantial library fine (thank you Pickles for tendering your literary criticism and eating that book) and have gotten some awesome reading on. Right now I am LOVING Watch You Bleed by Stephen Davis. The story of Guns and F'n Roses man! Bang on! I also have a weird fetish lately about old Robert E Howard Conan books and anything H P Lovecraft. I have been trolling used book stores for them . I have unleashed my inner 14 year old.

Yesterday was wash the dogs day. A job I truly don't mind as I use Kathy's soap. Well I guess its not her soap anymore. Yikes I just realised that. I had a decent little stash of it but I gave some up to my seeester in law for her birthday and am down to about a bar. See my old guy Max has really sensitive skin and this is the best soap I have ever used on him. Plus it makes him smell good for ages! Seriously! Pickles likes it too! Damn.. now I will eventually have to find a new soap purveyor. Preferably with hemp!

Ok now I have a problem to whinge about. I have 3 single socks I knit that have gone through on the ball of the foot. On ONE SOCK ONLY. I think its my new sneakers that is eating them (but its different feet so....?) alive. I suppose I should darn them but UGH. Darn it all** I don't wanna. Oh the conundrums of knitting.

Speaking of, body of new sweater? DONE.


When the oven cleaner stuff says to wear rubber gloves. DO IT. Its tends to eat the skin right off your hands. Ask me how I know. I double dirty dog dare you.

*YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. Don't make me tell your Mom.

**So lame. Sorry

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Aw shucks...

My sweet and lovely friend Kathy nominated me for this leetle award. Like her I don't see many accolades (and generally I'm ok with that as I am quite comfortable blowing my own horn thanks) but this is awfully sweet. I heart you missy and miss you! I know I'm supposed to pay it forward so I'll shout out to some blogs I blove.

Miss Morgan and her knitting affair
Lectio/Heather She always has the best pictures.
Some random dude. More people should read this blog. And not just because it's my husbands. Mostly.

So with the return of real life* comes all the mundane things I have been putting off for so long.. cleaning the oven (which you need to be a contortionist to do as my aching arse will attest to), laundry, blah blah blah. Ah yes, they joys of housewifery.

It also means I have a little more time to knit! I have a really groovy sweater on the needles right now. So groovy in fact I'm not even gonna tell ya'll about it until its done. You know writing this made me realise I have a sweater I knit way earlier this year that I never blogged/Ravelry'ed or anything. Or worn for that matter. Hmm... rectify? We'll see. It was out of that silk I was so unhappy with. Its funny I bet I put it out of my mind as I don't have much any positive feelings about it. I wonder if I should some how get rid of it. Seriously, its gorgeous. But I don't think I'll ever enjoy it. hmm....

This past weekend was awesome. I had an old friend come in from the Left/West coast and we partied like it was 1989. Haha. For reals, I am not much of a drinker, but I did myself and pretty much everyone else proud. We even closed down a bar and when the ugly lights came on, we still weren't that ugly!

Then Saturday (after my usual stitch and bitch with the best girlfriends ever who would never make fun of a really hungover whiny gal right?) Dana and I drove out to Legacy Studio in Cochrane to get some goodies. I got a couple of pounds of Polwarth fibre (OMG SCRUMMY), some sparkly Angelina and a couple ounces of yak down. YAK! Its like a cloud! I am a little boggled on how to spin it, but its an adventure right?


*Chris is at his new job! They gave him a Blackberry, and an office with a window in teh Husky Tower! Move on over Mr & Mrs Jefferson.. we'se movin' on uuuup!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Returning to fall down

Seriously, who stole summer? I'm not really complaining mind you, as my mind has turned to sweaters sweaters SWEATERS. Nice change from socks. But I have to say after being in 30+ c degrees for a week, it was a shock to get home to 9. Degrees. Gross. Socks I just finished with fiber I spun from my HHHH pal:

Oh Vegas... this was the view from our room. Well the second room.

This was in our first room. I had to move. It was unnerving. And the light in the case wouldn't shut off. AND DUDE KENNY ROGERS.

Two of my favourite things. Chris and Chihuly glass.

Chris had a real dilemma whether 5 or 6 hour energy was the way to go.*

New BFFS. Screw you humpty.

Fremont Freakshow. And this guy didn't want to miss anyone with his damnation.

Chris was successful in poker, I was successful in shopping and discovered the cleanest best smelling bathrooms on the strip (The Monte Carlo casino). Fremont St was a total let down light show wise (glorified music video to Bye Bye Miss American Pie.. snore) but totally made up for it in the freakshow factor. Found the outlet mall (which was outdoors. 35 c that day) but YAY! Took the bus a lot and walked less. Also found the best buffet was right downstairs at Planet Hollywood where we stayed. Desserts? Better than the Paris. But I am now officially Vegased out.

In culinary news:

The Franch soup is just as good with carrots. Slightly chunkier, but TASTY.

We also got some more nifty stuff for the walls:

And now I have to go turn the furnace on. HI FALL!

*We chose 5. 6 seemed excessive.