Thursday, November 08, 2007

When the going gets tough..

The tough go shopping. Right? I went to the The Sweet Sheep the other day and found some super nice Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn ON SALE! So I ordered.. and it processed the same damn day! Like wow! Wipeout! I know its goofy but I so like having something coming in the mail besides bills. I also have a Ravelry Beta T-shirt coming. Sometimes it is the small things that get you through right?

The sweater is coming along quite spiffily (is that a word?) and I am pleased with it so far. No pics as my cam needs a charge, sorry.

That's all for now possums.. see this blog everyday thing can be a real crap shoot huh?

1 comment:

knittinggrammy said...

Your blog posts are always spiffily written LOL!!