Thursday, November 23, 2006


Why is blogger being so techy about signing in? Grr argh.. Speaking of Buffy.. season 8 coming soon. IN COMIC FORM!!

We snuck away to see the latest Bond film today. Even after Calgary traffic conspired to keep us away we still made it! Finally a good reason for those commercials eh? DANIEL CRAIG = YUMMY. Plot was a bit thin (changed from the novel) but did I mention DANIEL CRAIG BEING YUMMY? Well he is.

There has been some knitting I must say. I still can't find the camera, so verbose I must be. I bought the Stitch Diva Curiously Clever Clog pattern and got the main part of one done, but got really excited about doing a another (chut up) top down raglan in Blue Sky Worsted. Olive green with a big red skull on the back. YAY! I think I have officially set aside the clogs. GASP!

I know necessity is the mother of invention. Like how there was supposed to be 15 skeins of Olive at work but somehow.. there is only 7 (hence the red addition). We have had a rash of things going missing (Crochet hooks! DAMN YOU!) from Make 1. It makes me really sad to know that there are people out there ready to steal from not only such lovely gals, but lovely gals who are working really really hard to make a cohesive community for us fibre addicts. But I suppose there are bad elements everywhere.

It gets colder here in Cowtown.. the dog is happy he has a new sweater. I promise to take those piccies asap.


Thursday, November 16, 2006


Since I got complained at for my teaser post the other day (you know who you are missy) I reckon I should really update it huh? I can't find the camera so instead of posting FO pics (oh ho and yes I have a few now) I shall discuss the other things I have been doing. Ok buying alright? I LOVE getting stuff in the mail besides bills that is and have a couple of things to share with you all.

OMG. I ordered a couple of perfume roll ons from these lovelies a while ago and got them yesterday. Cutest packaging EVER. They came in a little Chinese take out box full of blue noodles and a BLUE FORTUNE COOKIE!!! Along with a sample of cherry scented lotion. WOWIE!! I got Pumpkin Cremasse (drools like a fool) and Vanilla Fig Cedar (which may become a signature scent for me). Really lovely EVERYTHING in this little box of fun.

Next up: Arcana Soaps and Oils

They aren't selling retail themselves but I did manage to snag some from these wonderful folks:

Fantastic customer service from here I must say. Very quick and responsive. I ordered these:

Only three of them though not ALL of them ok? I'm crazy not stupid!

Last Hours of Empires Perfume Oil "...All that gamut of intensified colors, correspondent to Autumn and the setting of the sun, to over-ripe fruit and the last hours of empires."** A rich blend of precious oils, evocative of regret and resplendence, featuring highest quality Omani frankincense, true Indian sandalwood, delicate top notes of bergamot and tangerine, and the smallest wisp of black patchouli.**Theophile Gautier on Baudelaire’s Les Fleurs du Mal

Mutiny Perfume Oil: Tyrants be damned! The scent of discontent, broken ranks and open rebellion on the sea. Indonesian patchouli combines with black pepper, dark wood and a smoky haze of gunpowder

Sleepy Hollow Perfume Oil: An atmospheric ode to romantically spooky Autumn evenings, with fresh pumpkin, spiced apple brew and bonfire smoke. Perfect for the telling of deliciously scary tales.

Notice the notes? I am very much in love with resins, woods and apparently pumpkin and spices. How can a girl resist? I am in smellie good heaven. The turn around time (which is V importante if you have ever dealt with like say BPAL //rolleyes) was great for both of these places. The quality is excellent and I cannot recommend them enough.

I have also been cruising for some nice steals and deals. I found a really cool Canadian Artist whose stuff is quite group of 7 like (more modern) to me and purchased one of her prints:

Her name is Mandy Budan and you can find her here:

I think I may need some more of her work. Its simply lovely. Seriously, I love it.SUPPORT SMALL ARTISTS!! Having said that, ACADs show and sale is next weekend. Must make time for that!

Canada Post has been playing silly buggers with me and one other order from my makeup place ( and I had to email them and they actually needed to send out a replacement parcel as my first one seems to have (waves hands around MYSTERIOUSLY)
disappeared I swear our mailman is never the same twice and stuff goes missing all the time. le sigh.

TOMORROW!! IS PS3 DAY!!! Chris and Jake are all a-quiver. ITS LIKE GIFTMAS ALREADY! Whatever floats yer boat I reckon.

There will be knitting soon.. or maybe even some crochet. Oh yeah.. I said the c word.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Stay Tuned

For another exciting episode.. coming THIS WEEK!!

Friday, November 03, 2006


I had decided I wanted a vest. After doing one for Chris, I thought to myself, "self.. you want a vest too". I even had the yarn picked out. It was chunky and would knit up FAST. And oh boy did it ever! I started it last Friday and finished it on Tuesday. Unfortunately I made a few HUGE MISTAKES. Like making it too damn big. Like not a "oh I can fix this with a good block big", But a HOLY CRAP I LOOK LIKE A ROTTEN FRUIT big. Puffy and maybe even slightly swollen. Nice huh? Just what a gal wants.. swollen, ugly, rotten fruit chest. Nope. AND I made it too short. Le sigh. So that's whats in the bag this time. All frogged (thanks all the deities for that wondrous ball winder at work, it made short work of it) and ready to be put aside. FOR NOW. The maddening thing? I had actually kept copious notes about this pattern and it would have been cool if it had worked. But I did learn something (Amy says "vests always need to be smaller than your body!" Now I know that too!) and isn't that whats its all about?

Not one to dwell on failure I set about knittin some mittins. This is a born of necessity thing you know. Its been FREAKING COLD HERE! I used less than* one skein of Misti Alpaca Chunky and cranked these out in a couple of hours (watching FAME! And 90210.. oh TV I love you). Pattern courtesy of my head. They work as I went out last night wearing them and my hands stayed roasty toasty.

Now I have been commanded to knit a tube for Chris. He gamely walks to work on that days I work/need the car and deemed it essential to have such a thing for these cold morning walks. A tube to be pulled up and over his ears and mouth. So I got some more of the Misti Chunky (in a lovely dark grey) and shall bang one out for him. PRONTO.

In other non knitting news, this is the first year that Jake has not gone Halloweening. It made me a little sad as I remember how he loved his Sonic The Hedgehog costume I sewed him when he was 3 (Yes I can sorta sew. Not well like my Mummy, but I can hem stuff. ish.) and how he loved the whole idea of getting free candy and being scary (ok not in the sonic costume but it was so cute it could make you cry in a minnit ok?). Now he is in high school. And its all about being cool. And no way would he fit in that thing anymore.. not that I've tried. ;)

I think I may need to make Max the Dog some booties or something (not that he'd keep them on but you gotta try right?) for his little paws. I took him for a big walk the other day and his leetle toes were cold. Poor little beastie.

Oh and I shall try to get a modeled shot of the vest. If he is amenable to that. We'll see. :)

*OMG LESS THAN ONE SKEIN! These rocked me! VALUE!!!!