Sunday, November 18, 2007

Combat Baby

I'm watching the next door cat Chippie play with yet another dead mouse. There was one in our back yard that Pickles found* and one in front of the neighbours back door** the other day. I mean I guess its better a dead mouse outside than a live one inside but euw. Where are these mice coming from? The shed we can't open? The neighbours basement? OUR BASEMENT? I am hoping it is the school field and Chippie is an extraordinary mouser but.. euw.

*And he chewed on it. I had to pry his jaws open and shake it out of his mouth. Then I had a right girly freak out and made Chris clean it up as I shrieked "THIS IS TOTALLY A BLUE JOB!" He is such a ninny though it would have been faster if I had done it.

**We live in a duplex, I am not a nosy Parker.

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