Friday, February 29, 2008

Fibre Friday

Oh yeah show me the fuzzy!!

Hand dyed South American Superwash from kfb of course.

Merino/bamboo handspun. Fibre from Spunky Eclectic

Unknown fibre from luxe

More undyed superwash from kfb

seriously, I canna get enough of the spin.

And hey since I love etsy and Kathy and all her awesome ideas, here are some etsy yummies.

certain signs of spring
something my morning latte would LOVE
A little Danager!!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Chunky funky

His and hers socks out of handspun BFL. A bit twee but so so so comfy.

No Pickles, you can't have any

mmmm... socky goodness..

Monday, February 25, 2008

Chop Chop

Holy haircut Batman! I finally found someone who is so not afraid of the SHORT hair! I brought him pictures of Jean Seberg (in Breathless BTW) and he was all.. yay! So there it is. Nice quasi snarly face I know, but Chris never gives me any indication of photo time. I am THRILLED.

Weekend weekend weekend, where did you go? My breakdown of this past one:

Friday night. Um. Don't remember. Not because of anything whoa... just old age I reckon. Oh yeah! Haircut!!

Saturday. Chris went to play a tournament (OF CHAMPIONS!) for like all day (8 hours or so) so after french toast, watched 3 movies*. Spun, knit, generally chilled. I am officially off some meds I was taking for some serious anxiety last year (day 3 today!) and was having some wicked brain shocks etc (and still am.. this shit is bananas! BANANAS!) so was chillin'. Chris came home not (sadly not a champion in anyones eyes but mine) and brought pasta and chocolate cake. WHATTA MAN! No kidding huh? Watched Gone Baby Gone. Oh. My. God. I now love Mr Casey Affleck. Yup. LOVED IT. But really I love Dennis Lehane, so no surprise. OH! And was kept awake until 4.30am by some psycho guy who had OCD about MASS EFFECT.

Sunday. Oh Sunday. Went out, got greasy Spicy Hut, ate so much meat! mmm. Lollygagging was the main theme of the day.
So yeah, this brain shocky thing is interesting. VERY INTERESTING. As the kids say I feel a little like I'm tripping balls. But holy hell.. it will be awesome to to be all cool with no assistance. We'll see right?

Oh Jeezus DANA IF YOU DON'T STOP POSTING AWESOME BLOG LINKS, I'LL NEVER GET OFF THIS THING!!! Meg Fowler, Jezebel.. sigh. You rock the cool missy. Oh yes you do.

*Equus! Holy full frontal.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Fibre Friday

As suggested by someone somewhere...

What have you been doing this week?

Some yummies I have found on the internets this week...

Dead from the unbearable cute


Honey pot sweetness.

Go buy some stuff from these craftsters. Really, isn't it about handmade babies?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bad Hair Day

Presents? Its not MY birthday, but here, have one anyways!
Two versions! Get to it.


Two boys, one birthday. Jake is 16 (OMG I HAVE A 16 YEAR OLD) and Pickles is 1. Happy birthday my sweethearts.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Beauty and the beast

I have been thinking about beauty and its purpose in life. I mean I guess its different for everyone, and everyone has a different opinion on what beauty is. All I know is I feel like if you surround yourself with beauty, it improves your life to some degree. Whatever your definition of it is. I will be the first to admit I have a ridiculously shallow end to my gene pool. My family is a nice looking one I have to say. Yeah yeah, whatever right? But I find I am drawn to what I find attractive. Really who isn't huh? You know how attitudes can make people you never thought of as paticularily good looking can all of a sudden make them really desirable? The opposite is true as well.* I find my life has gotten considerably more beautful in the last couple of months. The absence of ugly is a fantastic thing innit??

In other still sick news; I'm still sick. OMG Alana, if this is what you have been dealing with for months at a time, I may cry myself to sleep for you for a year. This stomach flu/virus/affliction caused by voodoo man or bad mangoes or whatever is NOT FUN. My energy is gone and (deep breath) I have not knit or spun for 3 days now. Chris says its how he knows I am sicksickSICK. Well that and the house looks like hellinahandbasket. WAH! I wants my Mummy!!

SNOW. **

Oh yeah. Snow. Pickles loves it:

Max does not:

The floors, not so fond of it either. I think its a great way of getting some clean-ish water on it. Pickles isn't so sure about the clump thing though...

*Ridding oneself of crazy, draining, scattered conflicting energy beats the shit out of any cleanse from a box.
**Fresh this am. Yay.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Ok so the shop update is a day late, but not a dollar short! I am feeling really damn sick* and was pleased to have gotten this up.

This is a random sampling of the goods, go see for yourself!

*sick like no eating, stomach hurty, skin hurty, head hurty badness. You know like the cleanse with no pills. :(

Friday, February 08, 2008


Ordinarily I would not shave my dogs when it gets cold like whoa, but due to some unforeseen circumstances...


Poor baby Max has to wear his sweater outside and Pickles won't leave me alone. In fact he is sitting on my lap as I type this one handed* licking my hand intermittently. Sucks. I am pleased to report that Pickles took a page from Mr Max and just sat there and let me shave him down really calmly. I have such good boys!! Such good boys!

I went to Shoppers Drug Mart to get a restock of my favorite face cream to find out it has been discontinued. ARGH! WHY?!? This is why I stopped shopping at the Body Shop. Oh well.. back to the drawing board.

So with the cold/warm/cold weather it has been perfect spinning weather. See??

These and other yummies will be up for sale probably Monday at the Etsy shop. More fibre and yarn will be up then too. Go on.. you know you wanna...