Thursday, June 22, 2006

How could I not?

Oh my what is this????

Bag bag, what's in the bag??

How could I NOT buy this delicious alpaca-ness? It was 50% OFF!!! Now THAT'S a deal. I know there is one random skein of burgundy in there (which goes against my NO ONE SKEIN rule) but I swear it'll be used. I SWEAR!! Make 1 had the most phenomenal sale.. I'm not sure if its a good thing that I'm going back on Saturday for my spinning class. Dangerous indeed. I also picked up the new Knit Scene magazine and think I know the next sweater I HAVE to make. The Central Park Hoodie:

Isn't it yummy? Mmmm...

Now I'm off to the spa for a morning of pampering. Facial (and alpha hydroxy treatment!) and pedicure. A very lovely Giftmas pressie from the man. He was scared I'd never use it, but I was just waiting for it to be closer to summer so I'd have purty toes. Behold Riverside Spa:

I'll be thinking of you all.. oh who am I kidding? I won't be thinking at all.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Holey smokes.

I was inspired to start a wee scarf (inspired by the gorgon I reckon) that was all a-holey. I have a hank of handspun a pal gave me for a gift a good long while ago that deserved to be done up into something nifty. Its not the best spun stuff I have worked with (gauge ranges from thread to bulky but who am I to complain? The twist was set at least and it was a GIFT!) but I thought this may be just the project for it.

Its super soft merino and you can see the fuzzy here!

It'll look much better when its blocked. Really. Went to knit club last night! Yay! Today I am gonna hit the Make 1 Solstice yarn sale with some hot chicks. Why not? You can always use more yarn right??

Now go look at this:

And the next time you need an insult.. you'll look mighty SMRT! :)

Monday, June 19, 2006

Good morning morning!

The weekend passed in a blur (like most do I reckon) of knitting, movies and some shopping. Mmm... three of my favorite things. I headed over to Make 1 on Sunday to chat with the ever deligthful Amy and Sandra and found a couple of knitting pals already there so whats a gal to do but hang out (all afternoon!) and chat. Henry the bear had come along for the ride and was passed from hand to hand and now I swear there's no living with him. His hydro-cephalic head is even more full of compliments from the adoring legion of ever growing fans. But really, look at him..

He needed to pose with his afghan warshrag to show off himself and the happiness that is cotton.

Two down, how many million to go?

While I was at Make 1 I *had* to pick up the One Skein book. I had thought about ordering it from Amazon with some Bday $$ my SIL had given me, but couldn't stomach the thought of waiting 4-6 weeks to get it. That's just the way I roll ok? But really, since I was there.. who could resist? I think (like my dear Kathy) I need to make some felted bowls for various and sundry gee gaws and totchkes I have hanging around. Also.. I had to fondle a ridiculous amount of yarn that was all so kitteny soft it was almost unbelievable. Mmmmm... silk and wool blends are calling me!! *What* they are calling me is an entirely different matter.

Friday, June 16, 2006


Wow... Who knew a warsh rag/dish cloth/kitchen towel could be so hot? I think I have a new obsession. A whole drawer full of these is such an appealing thought! The stitch pattern is so easily memorised you can even do it while watching UFC and cheering/screaming/jumping up and even if you lose some stitches (but that flying knee was a thing of beauty I tell ya!) the kitchen cotton is easily picked back up. I see many, many more of these in my future. I think its good to have a small pick me up project in the wings don't you? While waiting for yarn to arrive that is :D

My SIL has sent her rollerskates down for me! I have my first Rollergirls meeting on Monday (no skates needed though) and am quite excited to see what this is all about. Hopefully they don't pee their pants at the old lady wanting to join..

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Its absolutely pouring today. Not that I mind. I don't really like outside that much so rain isn't too much bother. Besides it looks so pretty..

I started a warshrag while watching "So You think You Can Dance"* last night. I had no idea how the slip stitch thingy was going to work, but its really, really nifty looking. Kitchen cotton is so damn cheerful to work with. I can just daydream about having all these wonderful vintage-y looking kitchen linens. I should really put up some shelves in my tiny kitchen and find me some milk glass. I love the way it looks. Not the greatest photo I know, but one does what one can.

The dog is V upset at the rain however.. its like a bath everytime he goes outside. Haha! Wet Dog!

*I love these skill based shows. So sue me. Besides dancing=teh cool.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Oh my!

Well I did it, I finished the gorgon. Its ever so lovely (if I do say so myself!) and soft and and and..

It was a lot of mindless stitching but I'm SO pleased with how it came out! The colour looks true as well (at least on my monitor) and is scrumptious! These are unblocked photos and now I'm actually not sure if I will do a lot of blocking to it. It has some pretty nice shape as is. That Alpaca is absolutely wonderful to work with, dreamy and soft. I cannot ever rationalise going back to slightly ick yarn. I do believe it was the Yarn Harlot who said (paraphrased) work with the best stuff you can. Its your legacy! Ok I will.. no telling me twice.

I caved and ordered that wool from Knitpicks.. 4 shades of blue for my delovely husbands giant granny square afghan. How could I not? I also picked up some cotton for doing some warshrags (from the Mason Dixon book.. Which rocks all kinds of socks mmkay?) from Wallyland today. I have to have happy hands or all is not well.

I turned around a minute ago and found this:

How could anyone be sad with this little guy sitting by your side? That's Max for you all who haven't been introduced. He's my (almost) 10 year old Terrier (maltese/silky) buddy, friend and pal. He likes bonies, schmackos, belly rubs and groveling. Oh and sweaters. Being 11 1/2 pounds of terrier fun can be a cold job.

And now I leave you with this:

Really I dare you to watch and not wanna dance. AIYIYIYIYIYIYIYIYIYIYIYI!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I got my ebay win yesterday! I am quite taken with the idea that this little bakelite wonder has been around for 70ish years. I wonder who the women were who had it before me? Was it used to hold wool for socks knit for soldiers? Did the person using it love it or was it just a tool? Did she sit for hours knitting dreaming of other projects? Mmmmm.. so many thoughts.

It sits beside a little cabled bag I made (up) to give away then couldn't bring myself too. I should publish the pattern (or send it in somewhere I keep getting told) so it could be appreciated by someone other than me.

It has finally stopped raining and cleared right up today. Our skies are so beautiful, giant and blue. My backyard is a nightmare though.. ever since I have decided I hate outside, its gone to hell in a handbasket. Oh well.. I look after the inside of the house.. Its some elses' problem outside. I also made some FANTASTIC chocolate chip pecan cookies yesterday. How fantastic you ask? Well I made 5 dozen (plus 2!) and had to scramble to freeze half of them last night. AND just for the record I ate 5. The man and boy did an amirable job on the rest. Good job boys!

I have a small rant now.. I am going to make a couple more afghans (to prevent the evening fight about who gets the only one we have) and have been sussing out wool suppliers. I was going between Knitpicks and Elann. They have the same stuff (Knitpicks Wool of the Andes and Elanns Peruvian Highland) and what to my wondering eyes should appear? (oops wrong season) The fact that even with exchange AND shipping, its cheaper to order from Knitpicks! Substantially! How can I buy Canadian when IT'S SO MUCH CHEAPER TO NOT?!? Damn.. but still, Knitpicks is more than likely getting my dosh now. :/

PS I am getting comments but am still unsure how to respond to them.. so keep 'em coming. I am technmuhlogically impaired still ok?

Friday, June 09, 2006

Yay for Canada Post!

The yarn from Mummy arrived yesterday (less than 1 day after it was mailed!!) and its a good thing. I've got another row (maybe) of the stuff I bought. Phew!

I am whipping through this thing far afster than I had anticipated, and will need a new project asap. So little time.. so much to knit. :)

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Well after a brief wig out I see blogger is up and ready to let me POST!

I am so glad I got my Mum to get me more yarn, there is no way I had enough to do my GORGONIAN justice. If you learn one thing today its ALWAYS over buy your yarn. ALWAYS! I was also mistaken that my camera had bit it, it is just wheezing its geriatric-ness all over is all. Its hard to keep up with the times I suppose.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


I have fallen in love with the gorgonian shawl from here:

If they offered just the pattern I would have happily bought it, but you know things never work that smoothly right? So I reckoned I could make my own version. I am pleased with how its coming along now (into my second repeat of the holes) BUT (there is ALWAYS a but right?) I am not going to have enough yarn! I am using Drops Alpaca *drool* in a swampy green colour that I picked up at Gina Browns. Welp.. I shoulda bought more when I was there cause 3 balls just ain't gonna cut it. Nowhere else in the city has anymore, (damn you swampy lovers!) so whats a gal to do? Call her hometown and get her Mummy to send it down! I found some at a shop called River City Yarns. They were kind enough to put some aside (and accept my card over the phone! Like in the olden days!) so my Mummy can come and get it. Its a different dyelot, but such is the price. I shall have to do some blending magic when it gets here to make sure it looks ok, but what alternative do I have? I can handle a slightly two tone shawl.

Besides... its monster coloured. Everyone loves monsters right?

Pictures will follow as soon as the boy gets home to show me how to upload them from his camera. Mine bit it not long ago...