Friday, December 08, 2006

The Darkside

Oh I know it starts innocently enough.. it always does. I bought some Knitpick options, I'm sure you all remember that. My only beef with them? No 16 inch size (maybe because the needles are 5 inches long but I digress...). So when one of my cords had a wonky falling out problem, I emailed them and they sent me out a new set. OK they are still in transit, I blame Canada Post. Anyhoo I decided to tinker up my own short set with the broken cable. Meh at best they are. The needles really are too long to be a comfortable 16 inches. Oh well I pulled out my trusty Denise's. Kept knitting.

Yesterday I go into work (Oh! I work Thursdays now too!) and start looking (just looking mind you) at the 16 inch Addi's. They look a lot shorter than my Denise ones. How can that be you ask? Isn't 16 inches 16 inches? You'd think so right?

NOPE. ARGH. Now I am the proud owner of 3 pairs of 16 inch Addis. I'da bought more but we didn't have all the sizes I wanted. No surprise.. they will ALL be mine soon. Oh ho yes.. they will be mine. *

This Blue Sky Worsted is quite simply.. decadent. No real better words come to mind without making me sound a screamy fan girl. All the cameras in the house have mysteriously gone missing so I still can't show you progress.. but its only needing a sleeve and a bit. Those Addi's sure help with the sleeveage. You'll see. Soon.

Since I can't find that damn camera, I'll leave you with a picture of my favorite ornament for our wacky techno tree:

* They are a supplement ok? My Knitpicks are still the shiz, but I NEED SHORT ONES TOO OK? I DON'T WANT TO DISCRIMINATE ON THE BASIS OF SIZE. omg they rok.

PS Feel better soon Morgan, Amy and Ookpik! xoxoxo!

Oh yeah.. I have an enormous disaster to talk about, but its still a little fresh. It also needs pictures to convey the full (pun there) horror of it. I felt sick for hours about it. Now its kinda funny...

Friday, December 01, 2006

I want to play guitar and be a moviestar!

Really who doesn't?

This has been a most gratifying week class wise I must say. My new Head and Fingers is popping along swimmingly, my IKEA LTK groups is painfully hilarious and is too, cruising right along. Such a great feeling to see the lightbulb going on over heads innit? I had a needle felting class on Saturday that was so much fun I almost thought they should be paying me! I sure love me some fibre lovers.

My lust for my sweater is growing by leaps and bounds. I have done up an intarsia chart for the back and it is percolating nicely. The Blue Sky worsted is like knitting with BUTTAH. Yummy scrummy.

Amy had to take a picture of me for the author section of the Felting book. Now if you know me at all, you know I HATES the camera, but I have to say.. she takes a good photo does our Amy.

I was happy to see Morgan wasn't I?

Anyhow, I am not as far done on the sweater as I reckon I could have been, but see, Jake has been home sick with a really bad sore throat and we have been whiling away the hours playing a really fun video game called ObsCure. Its a survival/horror game and he gets a real kick out of seeing me shriek (like a girl!) at some of the spookier scenes. In fact we had our own spooky scene.. one where I put a non rechargeable battery in the battery recharger and it exploded! Ok it popped and made a scary noise and freaked *me* out. Note to self (and all others) DON'T DO THAT! IT IS A BAD IDEA!! *shakes head*

The weather has broken at last. The poor dogga is much happier this way, peeing outside is much easier when its not -40. Poor wee babykins.

Today I am off to get a pedicure and have some nibblies with the Make 1 crew. I think I really do have the best job EVAR!