Thursday, May 13, 2010

somewhere.. beyond the sea....

This has been a weird week-ish. I found out a very old friend passed away (is died too bad to say? I mean that is what happened, but it sounds so final doesn't it?) from a heart attack. We are only 41* isn't that too young? Yes, yes it is. I keep hearing songs that make me think of her, and I hadn't even seen her for years, but you know music has that effect. It gives you the STOP, REFLECT, THINK's doesn't it? Maybe I really should take up running now. Or at least lay off the frozen snickers bars. :/

Also May 8th was our 11th anniversary. I have now doubled my first marriage. Which maybe is crass but again, stop, reflect, think. Yup. Chris got a new TV. Such a silly goose. but he sure likes it. :)

We went bowling on Tuesday with Chris' work. Who knew your ass muscles were so integral in bowling? Well mine are sure pissed with me. The silver lining? My absolute suckage won me not one, but TWO prizes for being the worst there. GO ME!!! I kept imagining I was The Jesus from The Big Lewbowski. It didn't help, but I felt smoooooooth.  I still sucked.

I have been knitting, knitting, knitting. 

And painting my nails, which is approaching a level of near insanity with my renewed polish lust. It's like a super small craft project that is immediately done with shiny beautiful results. Oh my.. such possibilities!

We also had some visitors on our lawn last weekend...

They hung out for a hour or 2. And scared me. With the quacking. Big birds are scary!
What have YOU been doing? 

*42 on the 24th. I relish aging. it's preferable to the alternative.