Monday, July 31, 2006

I'm back!

Vegas was hot, shopping was good.

Things in Vegas that were freaky-deaky:

-My husband checking every single slot machine chair we went to sit down on for Old Lady Pee. He was pretty sure there would have been at least one, Luckily he was wrong

.-No recycling. Only the air. Garbage cans full of beer bottles. And pop cans. And water bottles. Who knew? The man thinks they are slowly filling in the Grand Canyon with broken glass. maybe he is right?!?

-People walking around SMOKING. I know I am so Canadian in the way I was SHOCKED to see folks walking around EVERYWHERE (even on the ELEVATORS!) SMOKING. HOLY SHIT AMERICAN ALL CIGARETTES STINK. ~for those of you not in the know, there in no smoking in public place here in Canada. I also live in the least progressive city here and still.. NO SMOKING. Nowhere kids are, can anyone smoke. I like it. ALOT.

-Drinking in public. Like walking down the street/hallway/mall/wherever. This I was ok with. I came to embrace it even. Even though I still looked for recycling bins, I got used to tossing my beer bottles in the (gulp) garbage.

-I saw two homeless guys there. TWO. And NO BUGS. Maybe they eat each other? Ah... recycling at last!

Things I LOVED about Vegas:
-free booze.

-Penn & Teller. I talked to to Teller after the show (and got pics with him, the man got one with Penn, who called him BOSS, and they signed our program) and HE TALKED BACK!!!!!!! HOW COOL IS THAT???? TELLER TALKS!!! The best show EVER. SO AWESOME! Now I am a die hard freaky fan. 4EVER. (I am aware how lame I sound ok?) and will post the pics soon.

-20$ Kobe beef burgers. Honestly? The best burger EVER. It was actually worth it. *drool*

-The service! Wow you Americans sure have our asses kicked in terms of service. No SHIT! The only place I found lacking was the uber hip Urban Oufitters and our server of Kobe Beef. They looked like typical semi slackers and I actually found it kinda charming and reminded me of home. But other than that, YOU WIN USA!

-How friendly everyone was. If you smile at people, THEY SMILE BACK AND EVEN SAY HI!!! wow.

-The Monorail. Monorail.. MONORAIL... MONORAIL! -All the spectacle. I can't even say anymore then that. SPECTACLE.

-Winning 14 dollars on my second pull of the slot machine. I of course lost more than that by the end, but the winning? YAY!

-Watching the man win at poker. COOL. They gave him a chip worth 500$! We took a picture before running greedily to cash it in.

-Finding my way around alone. It would be tough to get around in Veags if you couldn't read. Thank Bob for my good Canadian edjumacation.

-Cheap and plentiful cabs. Not like here. And door guys that can get 'em for you. Bless them.

-Always having my room (at the Luxor in the tower with a view of the pool no less!) clean when I got back to it.

-Anything you want, 24/7. Just a phone call away. NUTSO!

Things I DIDN'T like about Vegas:

-45 degrees celcius? Who thought that was a good idea? Not me. /shudder And HOT WIND. Thats just gross. Going down to a balmy 37 at night. NIIIIIIIIIIICE. not.

-The guys who try to rope you in to FREE SHOWS/FOOD/WHORES (ok I made the whore one up but I bet if you asked...)!! YOU ONLY NEED TO GO FOR A TOUR OF OUR TIME SHARE etc... ANNOYING MUCH? We got very adept at giving them the brush off quickly.

-Wow.. is that all I didn't like? AMAZING.

No knitting. Nope none at all. But my class went really well the night before I left... BIG STUPID SMILE!!! :)

Monday, July 24, 2006

Vegas bound

I have to teach my first class tonight!! Needle felting 101 @ Make 1. We weren't sure if it was go or not, but now more than enough people signed up and away I go!! I'm nervous/excited but woot.. GO ME!!

After that I am Vegas bound. HELLO SHOPPING! Have a wonderful week all... and no I'm not taking my knitting. It is even hotter there :P

Friday, July 21, 2006

Old pic below

This is Max. Well.. it does have some Max fur on it. Little felted animals are ruling my brain right now.

I am so tired of that log cabin, especially at 30+ degrees. Its time to bust out some small stuff. Maybe some yummy felted bowls? I have also decided NOT to go to my 20th reunion. I have the luxury of having 2 years to choose from (hurray for the second year Gr 12.. good ol Alberta!) and since I've been sussing out the site associated with my grad year, I see a few people that I could happily live the rest of my life without seeing going. So NUH UH. I have an enormous sense of relief.

I've had a few requests for the Gorgon shawl pattern. If I have time, I'll try to post one soon. Really easy peasy, but I'm rather strapped for time right now so it will have to wait.

Happy hot weekend all....

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Slow but going

It is moving along s o s l o w l y.. but it is moving. I met up with some pals last night and while knitting is mostly what we do, distraction was had by the evil NINTENDO DS and its wicked game ANIMAL CROSSING: WIDE WORLD. Having been cracking out on this little time suck, I was so excited to see my crack-ness was matched by the marvelous Dana. We met up, and Ds to DS fun was had by all. And the picto chat feature? OMGWTFBBQ. More fun that any 13 year old boys knitting women should be allowed to have.

So I made a decision to quit the barely formed Rollergirls team. They want the kind of commitment (practice 3x a week!) I am not ready to give pretty much anything right now, and it wouldn't be the most fair thing in the world to try to drag it out. Whatever.. I am an oldie anyways and hate team sports. What was I thinking?

Ah Vegas... so much shopping I want to do....

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Stash this

I have made almost no progress on the retroghan. I have lost steam as the idea of going to VEGAS is all consuming. So consuming in fact that I had to buy a new bag...

Ain't it cool? I should be able to find that on a conveyor belt I think!


I have one stash shelf that is all odd balls (haha). This is why I bought One Skein. Maybe I should pull out a wee project to do. It may be more motivational to actually finish something in a short amount of time eh?

I also have another shelf that is full of nifty stuff with no purpose.

Ah... Manos.. you didn't want to be a moebius, what do you wanna be? Hey blue green, thick and thin wool.. you've been around for a while (lets not talk about dusting the yarn ok?) have you figured out what you wanna be when you grow up? Me either...

/END KNITTING CONTENT (more rambling)

We had our first Rollergirls practice last Sunday. Wobbles. Thats me. At least I didn't fall.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

No piccies today

Nope not a one. I am still plugging away on the log cabin, albeit slowly. Its been too damn hot to sit with pile o wool on my lap, thankfully the weather broke yesterday and we had some rain. And more hail, but really thats niether here or there huh?

We have booked a trip to VEGAS baby! We leave July 25th. I've never been before! WoOt! I am V EXCITED.

Also on the good news front, I am teaching two classes at Make 1!! Here is the newsletter:

See? Two classes!! How exciting! Boy I love that shop and the rockin' Amy and Sandra. They are just the best :)

I am suffering a little bit of the insomnia right now.. maybe some more knitting is in order, you know to calm me. /eyeroll

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

So bluuuuuue

Log Cabin AHOY (totally mixed up that metaphor or whatever it is ok?)...

I am so not a blue gal. I dunno why but its never been a favorite colour of mine. My husband on the other hand? Well I guess this is why this is for him!

Last week was filled up with other things besides knitting. Shocking yes? The boy graduated from Gr. 9. It would have been with honours but his poor sewing mark (65% which is damn good by my standards for a kid who only went into it for the girls) kept him out. His average was over 80%, but that damn option... oh well! HIGH SCHOOL in the fall. /falls over dead

Anyhoo.. its been hotter than HELL here which is of course why I thought that knitting a Log Cabin afghan out of 100% wool was GREAT IDEA! No really. WHAT AM I THINKING??? Not much apparently. Its from The Mason Dixon book and it is really really REALLY fun to knit. I think I'd love to do one out of cotton next. Mmmm... cotton. The yarn is my Knit Picks order and the colours look true on my monitor. Maybe not yours I guess but its funky retro-a-licious! The man should have been a child of the 70's I reckon.

I have other interesting non knitting news too.. my 20th high school reunion is in August and I have sorta almost maybe kinda decided I wanna go. Again... WHAT AM I THINKING!?! Wasn't highschool itself enough? Can I lose eleventy twelve bazillion pounds before August? Will anyone remember me? OMG what if too many people remember me?? Funnily enough I was talking to my FIL about this the last time I saw him. He said he went to his last reunion (40 years maybe? How can that even happen??) and immediately regressed (Like OMG theres Mr X! Whatta loser..) then caught himself (like OMG That is totally not me! I wouldn't say that now!) and I of course have paraphrased. My sweet FIL would probably never talk like a Valley girl. Although I have seen him sing Britney Spears (Thank you Cranium!). I digress.. (SURPRISE!) though.. WHAT AM I THINKING?? Ah well.. time will tell. Maybe time will tell too much though.

Boy I hope it cools off here.. heat sucks.