Friday, November 09, 2007

Making fibre your friend

Like Bill Shatner! I had been whining lamenting the fact that my Blue Sky Worsted sweater (skul) was like 6 inches plus too big for quite some time now. So I did what all good thrifty knitters would do, I FROGGED IT. So many hours to knit, 3 to rip out. Thanks be to ball winder!

Its like getting a whole new yarn stash! Recycling at its best I reckon. Now I get to decide what it wants to be again. I'm thinking pullover this time:)

Yesterday was a most productive one, even with the frogging time. I rearranged the furniture, got all the laundry done and took the dogs for an extra long walk. Max was very excited to see ducks down in Confederation Park, Pickles was excited to see everything. We need to find a toy or something that will keep Mr Pickles Chewbacca busy in the evening, the Kong full of frozen peanut butter doesn't last long enough, and when both dogs get chew bones Pickles spends all his time wanting Max's and whining. Silly monsters. Like siblings but fuzzier.

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