Sunday, December 21, 2008


The weather is forcing me to become productive. Small projects give you the feeling of accomplishment. Quickly. Which is nice. These were all done in the last week or so. I know you sorta saw the dogs, but see their cunning initials?

We went to a party last night that friends we haven't seen in absolute dogs ages threw. It was in my pals in-laws house which was the most awesome. house. ever. Know why? Cause it looked like Buffy's house. All craftsman-ly and full of wood. Sigh. I also took the (very soon to be famous for me) cupcake bites. I was certainly the belle of the ball with those! They look so much more complicated than they are.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Cold on the outside

Although the weather outside was frightful, we had the most delightful weekend. Considering I fully intended not to leave the house, that plan was quickly squashed by my dearest husband. But first, we had to contend with a few things, you know, like snow!

Chris shoveled like a trooper on Saturday morning. It was COLD* but he struggled through like a champ. See? He even carved out a prison yard/maze for the dogs in the back do poor little Max could pee without getting his belly wet. Speaking of I knit them matching sweaters this weekend. Oh. My. God. I am officially one of *those* people. You know, the crazy ones. If I knit Chris and Jake matching ones, just send me out behind the shed ok?

I also knit a pair of mittens, a hat, and half a scarf that I didn't like so I frogged. Ah the impermanence of knitting! I hit an amazing sale at American Eagle and got a whole bunch of new snuggle wear (sweat pants! thermal t! hoodie!) for uber cheap.

On Sunday we went to a movie (full price! That NEVER happens!) and it was so full of awesome.. well for us it was. The Punisher! It was so over the top violent/bloody/gross/fun/full of crazy/heads getting shot off that I couldn't believe it. I haven't had that much fun in a movie for soooo long. I wouldn't recommend it for the more erudite of you, but for us? PERFECTION. Then last night as Chris went to his final poker tourney of the year (and won it.. came home with 6 shiny $100 bills!) I watched the season ender of Dexter. Ah.. what a fabulous wind down.

Speaking of Chris and $, his old company has finally gotten their collective poop in a group and are ready to pay him out for the shares he is still holding this week. It should be a pretty huge chunk of change that will allow us to be completely debt free (aside from the house of course.. but have I mentioned we hope to have it paid off in the next 5 years? We are thankful everyday that we bought when we did!) with a monstrous amount left over. And a good portion of it will be in American funds. A bright spot with our dollar being in the dumpster. We feel really fortunate and blessed.

This pic is for Miss Morgan who is off to balmy Argentina this week. If she finds the Malabrigo factory, and she knows whats good for her, at least ONE** sweaters worth of yarn better be on its way to me. Travel safe my sweetie.

*about -25 without the wind chill. Today its -30. Again, without the wind chill. gross.

** Two.

Friday, December 12, 2008

About waiting

Sometimes waiting is a great thing. It heightens the pay off. And then there is the complete and utter opposite. Like when you wait 17 years for a certain album to come out. And it drops. And drops is the right word. Ugh. Mr Rose. The only place that album (CD? MP3s?) should drop is in the toilet. Thanks.*

Its supposed to get cold this weekend. How cold you ask? How does -40 avec wind chill sound? It sounds like crap to me! We have plans dammit! NO MORE SNOW. Of course we are looking at 15 cm or so. ARGH.

Here is a picture of the dogs bed. Where Pickles goes to snit. They go there when they think I am getting ready to go out. And to sleep at night of course.

Know what? I have no mittens! I have lotsa fingerless ones, but real proper mittens? NOPE. Seriously? Seriously! I found this out this week as dog park visits and snow shoveling** were colder than usual due to this over sight. You know I have like eleventy twelve bazillion hats and scarves right? Will get on that right away.

The woman who does my nails is named Truly. Is that not the cutest thing EVER? This is NOT her, but it did give me a big need to re watch Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Now chut up.

*But I did discover how much I LOVE Lily Allen. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Her bouncy sweetness tempered with subject matter and swearing? I LOVE HER. Late to the party but at least I made it ok? Now shut up.

**If I don't do it, it won't get done. Thanks percocet.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Grinching along...

I'm pretty sure everyone who knows me IRL (in real life Dad!) knows I am not a huge Xmas fan. This wasn't always the case. When Jake was small I took great delight in this holiday. Making big fake candy garlands, decorating everything in sight and generally being almost as excited as he used to be. As he got older I had a few bad Xmases in a row, and now particularly that he isn't living here, I pretty much wish it was over before it begins. It may also have to do with the Christmas Creep that started well before Halloween this year. I mean COME ON. Sheesh.

Having blorked that out, I felt a tiny stir in my Xmas parts this year. Wow that sounded dirty didn't it? So with very specific conditions, we actually got and erected (haha) a tree. Now these conditions were VERY VERY EXPLICIT. The tree must be tiny. The tree must be tinsel. The tree must be PINK and it must be under 20.00$

Thanks Sears! You had it on the button. I *decorated* it with some yarn pom poms (another condition that had to be agreed on) and Voila!

Chris has always wanted these lights. The hurt your eyes blue kind. Here they are! Note we didn't put them outside, cause Chris couldn't see them there. Screw everyone else! Pickles was scared of the lights at first but has now gotten used to them.

This was what we saw last night out of the back door. The dogs are alternately thrilled and horrified by all this snow.. I think its pretty and hides all the dog shit in the backyard! Driving however.. FREAKSHOW. Looks like I'll be staying in today.

Friday, December 05, 2008


Look what showed up yesterday!

Three skeins of baby alpaca, three of alpaca silk! Sweet project bag too! Thanks Blue Sky.

Then.. this....

I swear I can't pull out the camera without Pickles hopping in frame. He is such a bugger.

How can you get mad at this face?

Then of course Max gets all wound up not wanting to be left out. Oh dogs!

Dogs in sweaters melt your heart don't they?

On a sad note, Forrest J Ackerman died today. He was the man behind Famous Monsters Of Filmland magazine and the guy who coined Sci-Fi. Without him, there would be no Rue Morgue and sad little gorehounds like me would be worse off in this world. We'll miss you Uncle Forry.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

A few of my favourite things

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens....

Oh wait, this is me remember? More like zombies in basements and dismembered house guests..

But really? In no particular order:

The felted colinette socks that Dana gave me. Seriously. I LOVE them. Best. Socks. EVER.
New flannel pj's. Um OMG. I have retired the tired old ones and have ALL NEW JAMMIES!
My husband who lets me draw on him. And the toe that is bad.

New felted slippers.

Guess who?

Buttercream Cupcakes which I love with my whole heart.
Spinning through it all.
Good friends.
My fake ass nails! Girly! Pretty! Strong!
Pretty much being done my Giftmas shopping.
Oka Cheese!

Have I mentioned the Flexeril? It seems that maybe chiro wasn't doing the job I had hoped. In fact I think maybe it was the pain pills. Especially when they ran out and the chiro wasn't doing much of anything. So back to my MD who gave some of this stuff. It makes me SLEEPY, but it also makes me better. And really isn't sleepy just an excuse for more coffee? Why yes it is! I am hoping this resolves soon, but since I have no nerve stuff going on (thanks Voodoo Man!) there isn't a whole lot to do about it. And since 90% of this kind of thing usually naturally does resolve itself.. lets hope I'm in that percentile ok?

Stay warm possums and be happy.