Friday, April 25, 2008

Socks and dog

Socks done today.

Pickles whinging up a storm.

happy friday!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bloody Hell

Remember the Hipknits debacle of last year? Seems I'm not alone as a ginormous thread on Ravelry attests. Anyways, I had put the yarn away as I just hadn't decided what to do with it. I've been wanting to do a short sleeves shirt to maybe take to Vegas so pulled it out. Upon closer inspection, it was a terrible dye job. TERRIBLE. Not a single skein was uniform and none of them matched each other even really. So I decided to over dye it. Not a hard decision. I got some nifty black Jacquard dye from my pal Cal at Shuttleworks* and give 'er. I got out the yarn and when I went to get it wet OMG.

HOLY SHIT. This is what it did to the towel I had it sitting on.

Boy am I impressed. In fact it was so shitty, I'm hoping the over dye will be enough. One skein was clearly a different dye job than all the others, it looks different even with the over dye. AND the black turned it purple (which I was mostly expecting) but its still far superior to the pink. I'll post pics when they are dry.

Can I just reiterate what a disappointment this was? So much time and MONEY for this? All I can say is Hipknits really dropped the ball. Nearly a year later and I still regret that decision.

*OMG can you say FAST SHIPPING? ONE DAY! Cal .. you rock.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Not a handy man

I love my husband. I really really do. He is smart and funny and cute. He is NOT HANDY. Nope. I mean he tries. Hard. It irritates his perfectionist nature. He is pretty damn Type A when it comes to well.. everything. So this lack of handy is somewhat perplexing to him.

Case in point 1:

Peeing in the dark for 2 weeks. Cause the "easy install bathroom fan" was not. And it only took 4 years to finally finish the last thing that needed to be done on it.

Case in point 2:

Leaky Kitchen Faucet. Easy to change out right? Really for the most part yes*. How lovely is this Mo├źn faucet. Gorgeous yes?

Until you get a sticky bit. Like a stuck washer that apparently deserves a bloody good bashing when it won't behave. COUNTER TOP BE DAMNED.

Nice huh? Guess what? WE GET A NEW COUNTER!!!! Yay!! :) Now to decide on what to do with the grotty ol' cupboards.

* No leaks anymore! Good job lovey!

Friday, April 18, 2008


Ok the first one was funny. But seriously? SERIOUSLY?

Notice Pickles wonky eye? He is perplexed!

Hahahaha funny not.

After the tedium that was 8 stitches to the inch (stripery socks) these 4 st/inch ones were banged out in a day. Ok and they are short, but DUDES! I LOVE SHORT SOCKS!!! And fraternal? Oh yeah. Not even close to twins.

Hey Heather! I dunno if we will have anymore of the stripey sock yarn but keep checking the shop and I'll see what I can do to con Miss Morgan into doing some more. I do have 40g left over if you want it. You can always do different heels/toes. Lemme know and I can get it to you. Oh and hey!

UFC TOMORROW!! Georges. St Pierre VS Matt Serra in Montreal!! Bring on teh pizza!

How soon til VEGAS?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bustin' out

My inner goth girl cries:

Miss Morgan has certainly outdone her self eh?

kfb S.A.S.S.Y sock yarn in a custom self stripe. Wow. I have 40g left over! Cool huh?

Friday, April 11, 2008

Fibre Friday, or how I survived the great blizzard of '08

Hardly. For reals though, I actually do have stuff...

and just so you don't think Pickles was the only unhappy pup, here's the grouchiest of them all. The snow was over his head at one point and a path had to be made so he could wee. Poor Maximilian J Scrufflesworth the third (he prefers this).

Now this is some merino from ebay somewhere that is spun into self striping (Gods I rock) yarn. 2 ply, the colour changes were easy enough as I remembered to write them down. Never tried this before, but it turned out AWESOME. There is 332 grams (11.7 ounces) of this stuff!

Crown Mountain Superwash merino. Um I love this. It really wants to stay with me. And become thick house socks. Really.

I am so looking forward to our Vegas getaway. Its too soon to start a countdown, so until then, I'm marking time in other ways. Like 8 more days until the St Pierre/Serra fight! 1 day until I have my pals over! 2 hours until I eat lunch! Ok.. thats how it goes. Sad innit?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Snow day

I know the In laws LOVE these posts.


Chris and I both had trouble sleeping last night so we decided to go get breakfast at Phils at 6.30am. Us and 2 business guys. It was snowing a titch*. Then this:

And this:

Oh yeah and this after the car had been brushed 3x:

Mr Pickles Chewbacca. Who if course had a haircut 2 days ago:

You know its supposed to be 20 Celsius Saturday. Oh Calgary.

I made us stop at Safeway at 8am and was really not pleased with my shoe choice of cloth Maryjane's trekking through 8 inches of snow. Oh well. That'll learn me. Or not.
*Like thick rain. This all fell within the space of an hour and a half and is still coming down.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Love list and why family is always fair game

I knit my Dad some socks. Well, I knit some socks that fit my Dad. They were originally going to be for me but I thought the colour wasn't me, so maybe I'd just keep knitting them and give 'em to Chris. I measured and measured, and turned the heel and kept going. NOPE. But hey! my Dear Ol' Dad has relatively small feet* and so off they went. I always ask that people take pictures of them with their knitted stuff.. then I know they get worn at least once. :) This is what he sends me. My cheeky Dad. The photo was accompanied by a note that says, here I am ready for summer. A chick magnet. I seriously don't know how my Mom held it together to take the pic. Oh Pops, you rock! That why Socks that Rock (in Velvet Grape) suits suits you to T. See? The cheeky apple doesn't fall far from the cheeky tree does it? I reckon he wouldn't have sent the pictures if he didn't want the world (all 7 of you that read this) to see. I love my Dad.

Not a lot of fibre Friday to show you as I still have it on the wheel hidden from the painting bomb, but love list? Oh yeah..

My 40 dishtowels that are all the same.

The smell of the first bit of espresso to come out of my machine.

Using up a lip gloss, go buy a new one!

Finding my colour conditioner on sale and buying three tubes of it.

Little Caesar's Cheese pizza for 5 dollars.

Fresh mangoes.

Rona. Proudly Canadian. Like me!

The endless possibilities of freshly painted walls.

Terriers in the morning. Staring at me with their dog eyes. Whinging to go out. For the 4th time in an hour.

Watching James Irvin knock out Houston Alexander in less than 15 seconds of the first round. SUPERMAN PUNCH!

Hell's Kitchen and Chef Ramsey. Or just Chef Ramsey. In everything.

The fact that with this convalescence Chris watched the food network, flip this house and the slice channel. I can deal with that!

Coffee, always sweet sweet coffee.

Cupcakes. Cause I know I am gonna have a real one this weekend. This craving is strong. Like the force, but with better icing.

What about some etsy love? OK!

Excellent Fridge Protection
SCARY! I love it

Have a wonderful weekend possums!

*Relative to Chris. Who has GIANT FEET! And you know what giant feet means.. GIANT SOCKS.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

What did you do yesterday?

I* did this;

Which became this:

And finally this:

And look who is tired. Ha.

Its a dogs life innit? I would like to state for the record, its not the paint, its the prep. Spackle, sand, wash and tape? BLERGH. But I stuck it out and really? The whole mess took me about 5 hours or so. ALONE WITH NO HELP INCLUDING EVERYTHING.

go me.

After we watched UFC Fight night (OMG AMAZING) and a whack of TV in our lovely new room. YAY!

*I know, I told Chris not to get me in photos with my pink long johns and ramones t-shirt. Gee thanks hon.