Tuesday, March 29, 2011

War! What is it good for??

In my house we have an ongoing war. Well a couple of them actually.. but I think I might be the only one fighting them. Unless my husband and son are NINJAS? I just thought of that. Or maybe covert agents. Anyways, I'm unsure how it works in other peoples' houses, but in mine, I am the only one who changes the toothpaste and puts the toilet paper on the holder. I can squeeze out the last minuscule drop of toothpaste and my husband will manage to get out a drip or drab and leave the tube there. Empty, broken, mocking me with it's flat-ness. Then I break down and get a fresh tube out. Maybe it's the re-cycling aspect. Both the box that the toothpaste comes in AND the loo roll need to get taken to the recycling bin in the back, So maybe that's why both of those particular things gets left to me? I'm not sure. But when I brought it up to Chris yesterday (well played sir, well played) he feigned ignorance of the whole thing. Yeah right.. let it rage.

I found this picture in a file. Chris must have taken it with his phone, I love that cartoon setting! It shows the mimping that Pickles does so well. He spent an hour on my lap as I surfed this am. Such a crybaby.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Til I am myself again...

Can you believe Jake is 19? Me either. I think of how long ago that is and it seems like no time has passed at all. I wish my Mom could see how awesome he is becoming. He is a very kind caring boy and I reckon that is in no small part to having such a super support system when he was small. He had love from all sides, and the great fortune to know his grandparents. He still has a special bond with my Dad. Oh time.. slow down a little for a while wouldja?

It was also Pickles birthday. He and Jake are birthday twins you know. He celebrated by trying to sleep on the bed with us. Um, sorry buddy, no go. Maybe one day when we have a king size bed.. of course having said that I have to fess up. He totally sleeps on the bed when Chris gets up for work and uh, well, all night long when Chris is gone away. Like now. Chris is in Oklahoma City and Pickles couldn't be happier. All bed, all night. Even little Max gets in on it in the mornings. How I love my dogs. Spoiled little gits.

I had a couple of girlfriends try to talk me into trying out the netflix. Since my computer had to go BACK TO THE SHOP AGAIN* and I am movie impaired I decided to give it a go. I mean come on, it's free for a month right? OMG I WAS WRONG. I may be a convert. At least until I exhaust their shitty horror selections. They have a lot of really good stuff, I was super surprised. For 8 bucks a month I reckon that this is a big ol' winner.

Blargh I am suffering from a general malaise today. Time to try to motivate. Or turn on the netflix and eat those strawberries in the fridge... hmmm....

Hey my nephew Mark had some rather big surgery yesterday, send him some good healing thoughts. Love you dude, feel better soon.

*fer fucks sake. they absolutely did not fix it. my wiggins resulted in prepaid shipping and actually getting to talk to someone in the US. we'll see if it's fixed this time. dicks.