Friday, November 16, 2007


Like I needed one more thing. You know, I don't have enough things I want to do right? I am having the worlds hardest time* finishing this sweater. Me the chronic finisher, the one project at a time girl? I am totally cheating on my knitting. Like a shameless hussy** flinging my morals to the wind. I have succumbed to the pressure (cause everyone else is doing it right?) and put the needles down.

I am spinning like a fool. That is not that well, but joyfully. In fact I got another package from Legacy Studios in Cochrane (it was cheaper to pay for them to ship it to me than drive out and get it) of silk hankies. I even spun some of the most gorgeous roving from the lovely Morgan. I am hooked. I blame Dana*** and Morgan. Yup, they not only enabled this bad behaviour they encouraged it. Bitches.

I need to go spin.

*Like not survive Hurricane Katrina hard, more like, what shoes should I wear hard, for context ok?
**Shameless flaunting with no regrets
***Dana who told me she had to write something "interesting" about herself. I told her she should write : Anything fibre related you do, Dana can do better. BEST FIBRE WOMAN EVER.

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