Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Whoops I missed a day and wouldn't you know, this is my blogs 100th entry. Happy 100th little bloggy buddy.

Things of interest in my world right now:
Pickles 2 Mice 0**
Waiting for fibre sucks. Lets play hungry hungry hippos instead.
Max has turned into what Chris is calling "The Butler". He sits gopher style alot and Chris wants to get him a tuxedo and tray. Heh heh.
My Inlaws are on a cruise to Hawaii. A warm, sun filled glorious cruise. Jealous much? But I can't think of 2 people who deserve it more. ALOHA Moms and Pops!
Trading on Ravelry. I have a sweaters worth of custom dyed BFL coming to me soon, and sock yarn!! Yay for the barter economy.
Torani Brown Sugar Cinnamon sugar free syrup which makes everything taste like a cinnamon bun. If its at all possible, coffee is even more heavenly.
Bath and Body Works are apparently opening in Canada next year***. HELLO!
Wasa Fiber Rye Crackers and single serve bags of chips.
Intervention on A&E. Oh yeah.
No new Office episodes :(
It is getting colder here. Winter is on its way. Stay warm possums.. and send spinning fibre ;)

*Not to be confused with 300 the awesome movie. Although I suppose I could run around screaming "THIS IS FIBAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!" That would entertain me endlessly. Chris not so much.

**he found a nice frozen mousicle Chip left in our yard, she has apparently caught 7!

***So says CNN business!

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