Monday, November 05, 2007

Slacker, knitter..

When asked to describe myself these are the two words I usually use. I find them to be pretty accurate. Case in point: the other two Dana and Morgan have been all "Ooh lets blog everyday". Hi this is where the slacker part comes in. I had just as much fun as everyone else, in fact maybe more because I was suffering greatly* and got spoiled a wee bit. Ate a whole bunch of the WORLDS BEST PIZZA (with extra cheese!) and didn't even have to exercise my dogs for two days! But did I do the right thing and blog? Nah! I whined some more and went shopping .

Someone had to buy more HACHO (rhymes with NACHO!) yarn you see. This is the most awesome sock yarn.Mmm.. mmm!

I have yes, started another sweater. This is inspired by the Cobblestone Pullover in the Fall Interweave. I love the garter yoke, but being the ornery cuss that I am I wanted to do it my way and make it a cardigan. So we'll see. We have had two rippings out so far, but I seem to have fixed what mistakes I was making. It is going to be out this:

Rowan Yorkshire Tweed Aran. I am getting a true aran gauge with it too. And can I just say knitting on 4.5 mm needles after doing so many socks feels like knitting with broomsticks.

*Suffering Greatly. When one overindulges in too many glasses of many different red wines during the course of an evening. Especially when its your husbands boss doing the pouring and is a total booze pusher. AND it was a competition of sorts on you know nothing about wine except that one had notes of pure gasoline and monkeys ass. Gross. I took one for the team I did. And felt like crap for 2 days. Note to self: YOU ARE NOT YOUNG. CUT THIS CRAP OUT.


knittinggrammy said...

Love the HACHO!!*

Morgan said...

Love the yarn.