Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A rather frightful drubbing

Is what I am taking from this sweater right now. I need to rip out the one sleeve I have finished and completely change the design. ARGH. The slip stitch pattern was not stretchy enough for sleeve action, so back to garter. It actually looks pretty freaking awesome, but DAMN IT. Good thing I don't have much fibre in the house, it is hard to resist the siren call of le wheel. I think I should name it eh Morgs?

In other news, my favourite leopard flannel sheets* finally gave up the ghost this week. They were thin enough to read through and they just gave out. So we had a mission to find NEW SHEETS! We hit all the usual places** but OMG (like wow!) we found some at Walmart (I KNOW OK) and they are safely ensconced on my bed after being treated to a lovely wash. It is so freaking cold here (high of -12)*** that I still need to put another blanket on my bed.. HELLO WINTER.

I have stuff coming in the mail. Fibre!! Lots of fibre!! Ravelry T-shirt!! Yay!! Like presents you pay for then forget they are coming. Today I am going to attempt a puff pastry chicken pot pie thingy. And some cobbler. The house should be full of yummy smells yes?

OH! I um.. bought a scarf yesterday. I KNOW I KNOW but in my defense, its CROCHETED. And red. And so so so soft. I mean come on.. you can't knit EVERYTHING right? See how nice it is?

*a gift from my Mummy in law and the only reason I ever did laundry on Giftmas. Mmm, flannelly goodness!

**Winners, Home Outfitters, Designer Depot, where we in fact found some but who had the DUMBEST CLERK EVER award nominee. While a giant line formed, he kept trying to get this poor old Chinese woman who spoke no English to open a credit card account. She just kept handing him her card saying "pay now?" After contemplating stabbing him the the throat, (the thought of prison kept me sane) I remarked I had enough and did a FULL ON FLOUNCE out the store. Much to Chris' amusement. He had his own flounce when the guy told the woman in front of him she was losing money by not taking advantage of the spend 50$ get 10$ off promo. But really this is nothing new in Calgary land of CRAP SERVICE. Wow that first sentence is a run on nightmare huh?

***Think of that Hawaiian bound in laws!

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