Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Panic on the streets of London....

It happened. The worst computer thing of all. It crashed and burned and killed all my stuff. Pictures? Gone. Music? Gone .E-books? Gone. Data? Gone. KNITTING PATTERNS? GONE! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! So the lesson is kiddos, back your shit up. At least it is under warranty, and is now on it's way to be fixed or replaced. Ugh.

In other happier news, I got a new drug from my Dr that seems to be knocking my pain down to more than manageable levels and has reduced my choking related anxiety (along with all the other anxiety) down to gone levels. Perhaps that is TMI, but it's my blog and as a gorgeous girl I know said, "It's my blog I am GOD here"*

I am writing this on the new netbook Chris bought. It's a dual core processor Acer thingy that is more powerful than 2 computers ago. Ridiculous.

The picture up there is of the roses Chris bought me for sweeties day. My phone has this awesome feature called cartoon that makes your pictures look like cel shaded cartoons. I love it.

We took this one at Market Mall in the food court. Sometimes we must look like over grown teenagers taking the goofy pictures we do. Live long and have fun.

*very paraphrased.

Monday, February 07, 2011

It's different for girls....

I causally mentioned to Chris one day that the next TV we buy has to be significantly bigger than the previous ones to be worth getting. CASUALLY. While I'm chatting with him one day at work he mentions he has found a great deal on a tv and can he get it? Who am I to deny my dearest? Of course hon. Saturday was spent waiting waiting waiting. Finally at 8pm I corral the dogs and this MONSTER (60 inches of LCD goodness. And it can talk to my phone!) shows up. The box was freaky huge. FREAKY I SAY. We had to wait until Sunday to get it out as the tv had been in truck so long it was nearly frozen and the delivery guy said let it warm up or something would pop if we turned it on all frozen(!). So there it is. It dominates the room. A lovely wall of black. Movies will never be the same. It's bigger than some of the screens in the old multiplex we used to go to for 1.00 Tuesdays in highschool! This will make my HMOTD project that much more awesome. I love you baby.

*Actual unretouched photo of new TV. HOLY SHIT BIG.