Friday, September 29, 2006

Its time for another episode of whats in the bag??

Oh my..a brown bag of yarn...


This will very soon be turned into a fabulous vest for Chris! I don't think you all understand the negotiations this took. Colour is the big issue so I ended up taking him into Make 1 where I needed the help of Morgan, Suzen and of course the ever fabulous Sandra to convince him my way was (of course) the right way. He completely folded like a house of cards when he saw the wonderous felted tweed and even agreed about the colours! He looks so nice in warm tones. :)

Now if my knitpicks needles would just get here already (shipped on the 21st!) I could be the happiest girl in the house. Hey.. uh.. I'm the only girl in the house. Whatever.. I'll take what I can get.

After the Great Sweater Debacle poor Amy needs a break. She has all my tea and sympathies.

Oops.. the dogga is outside barking. Must see what up..

Have a happy weekend all!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Is this not the most scrummy picture ever? Really..

Its the HOLY SCARF! (my made up-ness again) I did last spring and then completely forgot about. Made from some sort of handspun bought for me by a pal. It blocked out beautifully no?

Next up.. the sweater out of Lorna's Laces Superwash merino in Black Pearl. I used a Knitting Pure and Simple top down wrap pattern. Super fast knit and sososososo easy. I really do love those top downs!

See how my picot edge finally worked? I am very pleased with how this turned out. Very pleased indeed.

Misti Alpaca Chunky in Wine Melange. A pattern I just kinda made up, and it shows off the softness of this lucious stuff. I don't think it caught the reflective qualities of this yarn very well though, it has a little glow about it you know?

Close up of the nifty reversible look...

Now I have to figure out what I'm knitting next... oh such a dilemma! ;)

Monday, September 25, 2006

Of cold weather

Oh my stars and garters! After the crazy busy week I had, I needed a lovely knitting break so I decided it was time to start thinking of the coldness. Two skiens of Misti alpaca came home with me from work. They are OMG SO SOFT! Like this:

(meh blogger is being a dilhole about pix. will fix later)

I bought a lovely new jacket from SUPERSTORE (knock me down dead! I love the Joe stuff something awful no really.. and it will go perfectly with the FANTASGREAT scarf I whipped up. Um.. 40$ for a down coat? What kind of craziness is that?!? I promise to find a camera soon.. its too luxe not to share.

I am going to be teaching a mitten/hat course at the shop. How fun! Kureyon mittens for everyone!

Like I said above last week was all kinds of crazy, and you can really tell by the state of my house. Euw. I even pulled in some crazy this weekend getting all these super sekrit projects done and written up and and and... have I mentioned how much deadlines suck? Oh yeah.. they do, but I'm happy to do 'em!

Apparently I missed the northern lights this weekend too. Damn.. it's been a long time since I've seen them. Not since Edmonton I reckon. Maybe if I actually went outside huh?

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


You know, I have finished the sweater! I have even worn it a whole bunch (even to work!) and I really love it. I love it so much I wish I could show it to you all.. but that isn't happening. The digi cam has gone kaput, the boys is nowhere to be found. You will all just have to wait! And take my word that is lovely of course :)

Its definitely gotten cooler here in the last few days (HURRAH!) and the rain has stopped (HURRAH!) and I am full into MUST KNIT ALL THE TIME MODE. Which is of course being severely curtailed by me actually have a life. No really. Working where I do I get inspired all the time to try new and nifty projects that are filling my brain with all sorts of creative goodness. I am still plugging away on the Log Cabin for Chris, and have been a busy with the needle felting. I have done some really cool little things lately that again, I would love to show you but...

I think you get the picture. Or I guess you don't.

I am planning my next knitting project as we speak. Or I guess as I write. Or maybe I'm not planning it as much as wondering what it will be. I really love knitting sweaters as they seem to fill a void that nothing else does. Amy and I were talking about this and its really true. I don't know if its a showoff thing, but man! A new sweater is really an ultimate FO for me. Having said that I still don't know what I'm doing next.

What are you all knitting right now? And what should I do?

Name alert!
Thanks for your submissions, the massage chair does have a name! I didn't go with Picard (even though he is my favorite captain and I have already watched many TNG in him) or Beef/Beouf. My beef is being flung about even with him ;) I have actually named him:
Cause that's just who he is. And you need to say it with a really open mouthed prosh British accent. AUUUBREY BUMTICKLAAAAAAH. Hahahaha I crack myself up.
Back to some deadlines looming.. super secret projects you know!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


After much hassle my sweet MIL finally got herself some olde fashioned aluminum glasses. Luckily for us, she sent some our way (thank you EVILBAY!)... aren't they cute? Can't you just imagine drinking a lovely frosty milkshake out of them?

I just love the anodised aluminum.. so damn shiny and pretty! My camera has officially bit the dust. I had to restrain myself from smashing it heartily to the ground yesterday in a fit of pique. BTW.. what is pique? Regardless I must have had plenty of it as it narrowly avoided a giant whacking. So I have co-opted the wee boys in my photo efforts but who knows how long I'll be allowed to use it, teenagers are so picky nowadays. A new Canon Powershot should be looked for very soon. I think thats the kind we want next. All I know is I can't take good close ups of my Pullips with the nasty ol Kodak (NEVER BUY A KODAK DIGI CAM.... EVER!!) we currently sort of have. I have a notice from the PO that I have a parcel at the depot for me, this will be an exciting afternoon indeed!

I have a few inches of the second sleeve left to do, then the picked up edge for the neck and then it is... DONE. Pics will have to wait until then. Yesterday at work I spent the day with the fantastic Sandra weighing and pricing fibre for spinning. OMG to be covered in cashmere and angora (although it did look like I had been wrasslin' an albino samsqanch (TPB MOVIE Oct 6 ya'll!) for a week) was really a hard thing to do. I have so many ideas for wet felting projects, I reckon some of that fibre needs to come home with me, maybe tomorrow. Boy I wish I knew how to spin. But wet felting will have to do. I feel truly lucky to have found such a constant source of creativity in my workplace. I LOVE YOU MAKE 1 YARN STUDIO! Have I mentioned that Amy's book comes out next week? Well it does and I think you should all go buy it!!
If you click on her name, you'll see that her next book is on FELTING! exciting no?

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Picot problems!

I am done the body of my yummy sweater but and having some real issues with the bind off I want. See.. I want a nice picot edge and am having a helluva time getting it. I did the old y/o, k2 tog and was gonna hem it, but it didn't look that good. In fact it looked crap so I ripped it out (after binding off the whole thing mind you) so back to the drawing board. I tried to do this at Knit Club last night, but this is a sit alone kinda thing so... I reckon I better get going. I have Nancy Wiseman's picot bind off all written out and will see if thats a go. If not expect more complaining. A session in the massage chair (which really needs a name yes? Suggestions welcome!) will help me overcome this I'm sure!

Thats it up there!! Nifty huh?? But nameless...

Today I actually am cooking a nice big family dinner. Too bad Chris is working late and Jakey is at a friends. Looks like me and Max will have a nice roast to ourselves. Ok I am joking. Mostly. I really don't think Max will have much ;)