Monday, January 24, 2011

No colours any more I want them to turn black...

 The saying goes if you want something done give it to a busy person. I think it's pretty much on the money. I'm hoping the movie a day project  kick starts some forward momentum. It's easy to slide back, to settle in. To make it easy and comfortable and go with the status quo. Let's kick it in the nuts and movie forward*. Slowly and kinda hobbling, but forward none the less.

Pickles Chewbacca goes all picture 'ho when I turn on t he camera. It makes a little chime and you can see his ears perk up, and he simply has to come investigate. I have to boot him off my knitting to take pictures of it, but of course after I take some pictures of him. You know for posterity. This is a test knit for a gal on Rav. I LOVE it! She doesn't have the pattern up yet, but you can check it out on my project page to see the details.

I think I chose the perfect yarn for this. Chris says it looks like a camo net you use in the jungle. It made the greatest scarf, breathable and super warm. Plus it looks lovely on! We've had such mild weather this last few days I've been going out with just a hoodie or sweater and a scarf. Perfect walking around gear. The roads are a slushy mess but +5?! I'll take it thanks.

Max can even take off his sweater now! I don't know how long this warm will last so let's enjoy it while we can alright?

*see what I did there? haha.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Public service announcement (with guitar!)

Please note, All the Horror movie of the day posts can now be found at:

we now return you to your regularly scheduled knitting and whinging posts. thanks for your cooperation!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Oh Baby I'm Dreaming of Monday...

Oh Monday, I'm awake far too early. Dammit Max, did you really have to go out this time? I guess so. These dogs they have it good. A quick pee outside than back to sleep. No thought to poor ol' Mom who is awake for good. I'm thinking this is a really good argument for having kids when you're young, it would KILL me now to be sleep deprived. And I'm far too lazy and apathetic. Raising kiddoes is too much work. Bless all you who do it now. Blergh.

Max found a nice snuggle nest in one of Chris' hoodies. If you leave anything on the couch one of the dogs will claim it as the perfect cuddle spot. They prefer Chris' clothes to mine, and if we let them have one of Jake's shoes up there, they'd never leave it alone.

It's been really cold here this weekend and Max needed a sweater on again. Poor old man, needs help down the stairs these days. It seems a little surreal sometimes to think I've had Max longer than I've known Chris. He still looks like a little puppy but has slowed down so much. I see him not engaging with Pickles as much as he used to. I wish our animals didn't have to age with us. Eternal puppies. That sounds good. :/

I haven't posted a picture of the piece Chris commissioned for me for Xmas. I needed a lucky koi I was told.

I'm sure I can get better pictures eventually, but for now, these will do. I love it so much. Traditional Japanese waves are one of my favourite things ever in all the art world. It's so amazing that this was made just for me. I'm a lucky lucky girl.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Caught up in a bad romance

I finally got around to photographing my knits today. I have been prolific as usual. :D

This is a gorgeous scarf called Saroyan that I did out of Malabrigo. I think the mal is like a fibre-form of Valium. It relaxes me just knitting with it. Which is nice as I have been quite nervy lately. A little likely to get a bit wigged out over not much. This helps. It really does.

This is a test knit for a gal on Rav who hasn't put the pattern up yet. You can check it out here on my project page where it will go live eventually. A fun little knit, and the yarn was quite nice too. I picked it up from Pudding a while back. Pretty pretty colour right?

It's super slushy here now.. and above 0! Yay chinook! Boo chinook headache!

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Hell is around the corner.

I have the notion that I should try to watch a movie a day. More specifically a horror movie a day. Not that it hasn't been done before* but I rarely want to set goals for myself because I am lazy, afraid of failing, really really lazy not a goal oriented person.I've been thinking about it for a few days and the idea has stuck. Probably because we've watched nothing but horror movies for a week now. So I may not be able to make all 365 days, I'll try heartily, but will be super impressed if I hit 300. AND since I don't know if I can find 300+ (although I'll damn sure try)  HORROR movies I'm going to open the genre up a bit and include sci-fi, fantasy and thrillers. Sounds like I'm wussing out already...

I've decided to move this idea to another blog entirely:

Horror movie of the day!