Wednesday, November 14, 2007


You know what is awesome? Yarn in the mail. That is AWESOME. I can't believe how fast the The Sweet Sheep got my most fabulous Cherry Tree Hill yarn here. Wow! And um, YUM.

I have a question for all you dog owners, what toys do you have that keeps them busy? Pickles rips through a frozen stuffed kong in record time. Of course Max couldn't care less except for the slowest chase ever* game. But the puppy needs more engaging toys.

The sweater is coming along slowly as well.. I mean I don't know why its taking me so freaking long to do a sleeve. I think I have been distracted by books. Not really a bad thing, but I do have a penchant for really crappy horror novels so its not like I am improving my mind. Heh. I did read Clive Barkers newest one, Mr B Gone. It was only ok, nothing like his early works, and short. Too short. Ah well..

This is a disjointed entry, but I am feeling slightly disjointed lately. Art imitates life yes? Not that this is art by any stretch of the imagination.

*slowest chase ever= when max has the chew bone Pickles wants and walks in a small circle around the ottoman with Pickles following slowly behind. It is hilarious if not a little silly.

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