Saturday, November 17, 2007

Fish Country

Last night Chris and I went to see "No Country For Old Men" by the Coen Bros. WOW! They tell a story like none other and what a story! If you aren't put off by a little shotgun action and some grue, GO SEE THIS NOW. I do think they could have trimmed 20 minutes off it, but I get what they were going for (and completely succeeded) but a wee trimming and it would have been sublime A+. As it is it was sublime A-. I am such a snob.

After this we (I) needed food badly* and since we aren't allowed to ever go back to Red Lobster** (our choice thankfully) and I wanted fish of some kind, we went to Big Fish. We had always meant to go there so now seemed a good time. What a cute place! We got a seat immediately and perused the menu. Now Chris and I share a dislike for certain things (Dijon mustard=tastes like sick, and tarragon to start) and I swear this menu knew what these things were and spontaneously generated items with all those ingredients. No no, we did find stuff we liked (I had the smoked salmon salad and Chris had the surf n turf with jumbo shrimp*** and steak) and had a nice cosy dinner. Very lovely atmosphere with lots of candles and yummy smelling cooking. Very cute.

Tonight UFC. Le sigh. Things are just coming up Karen.

Just waiting for that other shoe to drop right?

*Like the elf in gauntlet. ELF NEEDS FOOD BADLY
** The last time we went there it was ALL YOU CAN EAT SHRIMP DAYS. I mean, who doesn't like that? All you can eat? BRING IT ON. Well at the end of our meal the waitress came to give us our bill and remarked casually that we didn't eat nearly enough and they ALL YOU CAN EAT was in fact way more expensive than if we ordered just a regular shrimp meal and we were in fact getting ripped off. Then slams down our bill and walked off. HOLY SHIT I thought Chris' head would come clean off his shoulders, he was so steamed. Never been back. Never will go again. On principle even. Even if their commercials drive me MAD.
***Jumbo Shrimp really should be more than 2 though for 13 dollars. I know we are in a landlocked province but really.. 2? And I ate one.

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