Thursday, November 15, 2007


Taking pleasure in small things is very much on my mind lately. Sometimes it seems like I overlook them but lately I have been all about the little moments, the asides and well of course some big ones too.

When I catch the dogs sleeping in a terrier pile. Both with small smiles on their faces (yes my dogs smile) and little grunts of happiness.

A perfect Dairy Queen small sundae with half hot fudge, half strawberry. OMG PERFECTION.

When a good friend stops over to offer some comfort and make sure a small wiggins* gets no bigger.

A perfect back rub that lulls one to sleep by a hot guy**.

Perfect foam from a panarello frother.

Knowing Bath & Body Works stuff are on its way to me.

Yarn. Oh yes, always yarn. And now the wheel of Joy.

Focus on the small things, and hopefully the big ones will sort themselves out. And if they don't there is always coffee.

*as compared to huge out of control, batten down the hatches, holy shit wiggins. Small wiggins are much easier to manage. Mostly.

** My husband dirty minds.

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