Monday, October 29, 2007

Running towards the finish line

This has been a productive sock month yes? The fabulous garter toe socks.. inspired by Morgan and Lucy Neatby I reckon. I cannot believe how fast these knit up. Really it was quite astonishing. Hacho by Mirasol knit on um.. 2.25 mm needles. Super comfy with the garter heels! In fact Chris has requested the exact same pattern for his next socks (which I am almost done the first one of! GO ME!) and may become a standard for me.

Speaking of the next sock, I was pretty excited to start them for Chris, see they are truly a collaborative effort. Dana dyed the yarn, Morgan spun it and I am knitting it! They are payment of a sort. For refining and making out logo better. A fair trade I would say :)

I told you I was being pushed toward the spinning yes? Well.. maybe it might take. Just a little bit. I have a Louet Victoria in my possession right now and wow! She is a joy to work on. Even if my feeble attempts look like they came out of a monkeys butt. haha.

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Sara said...

I LOVE those!! They are toe up though, aren't they? Maybe I will have to try them anyway.
Do you have the pattern? Are you selling the pattern on your site? Mmh, maybe I will just have to look and see. :)