Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Annis Horribilis

Yes, like Elizabeth* I have had my Annis Horribilis this year. I can look and find some fantastic things that have happened** but truly this is a year I will look back on with no great fondness. Too much personal drama and upheavals combined with strange amounts of stress inside and out make this a see ya later kinda year.

Come on in 2008... and welcome! Please don't suck ok?

* But not nearly as bad as this guys.. Samuel Pepys - Pepys' London 'A Malicious Bloody Flame' Samuel Pepys, by J. Hayls, 1666.

On this day in 1666, the Great Fire of London began, enkindled by the King's baker when he failed to damp his oven properly. While only sixteen people died, eighty per cent of the City was razed over four days, leaving 436 acres leveled and 100,000 homeless.
Much worse than mine ok?

**Finding wonderful friends. Learning I know much more than I thought I did. Refining my craft(s), and moving on from toxicity. To name but a few. Oh and good coffee. Lots of it.

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