Friday, January 18, 2008


So not only did I pay for that damned cleanse dysentery, I am STILL paying for it. Apparently my body refuses to believe that it can eliminate on its own without LAXAHERB. Damn you vile WILD ROSE CLEANSE. Me and my fibre pills will surely defeat you. Even if it takes another week. BASTARD..

Oh and please blogosphere, next time I say something as stupid as CLEANSE* tell me you won't wait until AFTER I announce my flounce to chime in with horrid tales of woe. I got more stories of badness both on and offline about that particular endeavour than anything. I understand schadenfreude but that was just cruel of ya'll to let me get that far..

In non-poop related news...

We got our sectional! Well.. most of it. We are still waiting for the corner cover. It looks spectacular except for the corner) and I even sewed pillows for it. I am sew not a seamstress. Nope no sir. But they look good sew isn't that all that matters?

I finished a pair of faux cable KNEESOCKS out of the Casbah sock yarn. Who knew 115g would go all the way up? Pics to come when I can get Chris to take some.
We have taken to calling Max Mesmer now. He seems to be able to control Pickles with his mind. Since Pickles is so much more um, vocal than Max, Max uses him to annoy us when he wants to go out. It is remarkable really. You ask Pickles is he wants to go out and Max is already waiting. They keel me...

*Unless I am referring to my house, car or dogs.


Lucy said...

I feel your digestive pain. I am actually on a medication to tell my silly colon NOT to keep going... Wanna trade? Maybe just for a day or so???

Can't wait to see your knee socks. I've been tempted to make some now that my legs are so svelte (read boney and skinny, I thought svelte sounded better) but I haven't found a pattern I like yet.

Let's get together huh?

Heather said...


Maybe you need to eat some yogurt to recolonize your colon. Poor you.