Monday, January 07, 2008

Next to godliness

I am embarking on something completely foreign to me. A cleanse! I have always wondered what these do for a body so what the hell, I plunked down my 34.95 and today is the day. This morning I had my coffee (allowed) with some unsweetened almond milk* and a bowl of Bob's Red Mill Spice 'N' nice cereal with more almond milk and some strawberries. No dairy, no flour of any kind, no sugar, nothing fermented, no peanuts. I went to Planet Organic yesterday and stocked up on brown rice cakes, brown rice, organic fruit and my last chocolate bar** for 12 days. I took my pills and my tincture this am, and I'm off.

I think I am going to try to blog this whole experience, so stay tuned for possibly more information that may want to know about my colon/cravings/whingeing that ever before!!

*hmm. It is watery but doesn't have the funky soy fermented taste I hate. I might be okay with this stuff. We'll see.
**Dagobah Lavender dark chocolate bar. OMG my hands down favourite choccy bar of all time. Mm.. and I only eated half. :(

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dana said...

Good luck with the cleanse-- I'm doing the same thing(ish) now, but without the supplements for now. Feels good but weird!