Monday, January 07, 2008

Not cleanse related..

Other exciting things:

-I bought sweatpants! So not exciting to most, but this is the first time I have bought sweatpants since before Jake was born. See I hate the sweatpant as a rule*, but I wanted something more snuggly to wear around the house. I found some I really like at American Eagle but am far too cheap to spend 30$ on something I'd NEVER wear out of the house (even though they are DREAMY) so went on a hunt and sure enough.. found some nice ones at Bluenotes for 9.99$! SCORE. I am so past lame.

-Am knitting socks with Handmaiden cashmere sock yarn, Casbah. Can you say scrumptious? I did hit a whole bunch of boxing day yarn sales and did a whack of stocking up. Gina Browns was fantastic as was Pudding. Oh my such beautiful fibre.

-There looks like there may be a Vegas trip in the future. Details not available, check back later. 40 years looks like a milestone for a bunch of us. ;)

-All the dogs at Morgans this weekend means DIRTY DOGS INDEED! Poor Rowdy, Lola and Whitley got a visit to the dogwash while wusstacular Pickles and Max got a bathtub experience. Who knew such little dogs could hold so much dirt!

-Exciting things in the works. Trust me.. the fibre fiends will be pleased.

*I prefer the yoga pant. Not much different but enough for me.

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Heather said...

Karen, My sister and I had a no sweatpants rule for the longest time, and could never understand why our husbands always wore them, so we did the same, went to bluenotes, got the comfyist pair and fell in love. Now we "secretly" wear sweatpants around the house all the time. It addictive.