Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Day 2

Brown rice tastes pretty good. I am usually not much of a rice/pasta/carb loader, but damn, I am surprised at how much flavour it has. That's what I am noticing about being restricted, the more subtle flavourings of food in its natural state. I have to say I am missing my Splenda. No Crystal Light, no diet Rockstars, nothing in my latte (and almond milk is SO NOT FOAMED MILK) the only sweet is coming from fruit.

As far as the supplements go, I am having a little GI immediacy* and the one supplement makes you pee more. I told you there was going to be TMI. You have been warned.

I feel good though, no real lack of energy but I did/do have a slight headache. I drank lots of tea (peppermint and Bengal Spice!) and water so GO ME! I am also down 1.9 pounds. I reckon its a fluke as I ate all badness the day before to compensate.

Stay tuned for more cleanse reports. Oh yeah, Dana.. I thought you would be one person who has done this whole cleansy thing before. Hope yours goes well.. :)

*subtle huh?

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Heather said...

I can't believe how similar we are. I'm reading your blog going, I did that, I'm doing that, I love that! I am doing a cleanse too, I started January 9th. But I am doing the Garden of Life Perfect Cleanse*. I have had to give up all caffeine, dairy, sugar, and wheat! Like what else is there??

Have you ever tried Moki, you can get it at Community Health in the cheese/refrigerated section, and it's the brown rice cake you bake, awesome with coconut oil spread on top!! Almost like a bagel.

Oh and the other thing that I like is Apple Cider, it's totally unsweetened but tastes like apple juice, nice when you want something sweet.


*I too am feeling some GI immediacy, but only in the morning.