Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Clean lean and mean

Finally! The corner cover showed up and we have a complete new sectional. Mmm.. streamlined and comfy. Shiny and new! Even if it drove the wee dogs batshit crazy for a couple of days while we put together various elements, it was worth all the aggro. See, the cushions look good eh? I knew I bought that crazy fabric for something!

We have been taking this time to go through our crazy ass mess basement and have the diabetes people coming tomorrow to pick up a whack of stuff. Did you know I had the worst time ever finding someone to come and take our old couch and chair? I thought we were going to have to call the 310 DUMP guys to come and take it away! Finally, after huge amounts of phone calls, emails and asking everyone I knew, the Drop In Centre are coming to get it. You know, there is nothing wrong with it. In fact it is super comfy and in fantastic shape. I just could not get a single taker on this awesome set. I tried freecycle, Salvation Army, and even some random guy from Weeds on Saturday who overheard me complaining about this. None of them followed up or would come and get it. It is weird. But bless the Drop In Centre, they were more than happy to take it. HURRAH!

It feel good to clean out stuff we don't use and knowing it will go to someone who will. The accumulation of crap is pretty damn overwhelming. This is the kind of cleanse I like.*

I have been spinning and knitting and knitting and spinning. This weekend was a flurry of productivity and the results will be up for viewing very soon. Keep your eyes peeled.

Someone loves his clubhouse yes?

*The non hurty kind.

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dana said...

Aren't you so stylish with the new sectional and those fancy ass pillows! Damn, I wish I could sew! :(