Thursday, January 10, 2008

Day 4

Cinnamon is a wonder spice. Did you know that? Enough of it in your watery almond milk and you can make it taste *almost* good. I realised I had not read my foods list too closely when I discovered oranges are on the VERBOTEN list. Oops. Good thing I only ate 3. ooh and they are super good oranges too. Called Cara Cara from Planet Organic. They have a dark pink coloured pulp and are sweet beyond belief. I will save the last one for the end. Also, I can eat BUTTER*! So I had a giant bowl of air popped (at first I wrote pooped hahaha) popcorn with REAL BUTTER. OMG. Guess what food jag I am on now?

Down a total of 3.5 lbs, but its not really about the weight is it? Is it? Nah, I wanna see if the fuss is all that and a bag of chips. mmm.. chips. I felt pretty good yesterday, but did have a wicked headache that even a whole whack of h2o couldn't fix so caved and took some Tylenol. MUCH BETTER.

I got a package from my pusher fibre source The Sweet Sheep, and as usual she tossed in a few Hershey's Kisses. It about did my head in not to gobble those bastards down, but I abstained. See? That virtue thing! I got some Funky Carolina Roving in the Sweet Sheep exclusive colourway called Michelle that I spent my afternoon spinning up (while watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre; The Beginning. Grosstacular!) into a nice balanced double ply. So gorgeous! I'll show you some pictures when I figure where my camera battery charger is.

Oh and the other thing I wanted to share with all 2 of my loyal readers is my new favourite show. How to Look Good Naked. Its on the W network (originally from Britain, Channel 4) and I have never seen anything like it. It is hands down the most body positive show out there. Gok Wan is my hero. His reinforcements about how was should all love our bodies are inspiring to say the least. Go watch this, but be warned, lots of nudity. All female, all real, all good.

*So this is proof there may be a higher power. Thanks Voodoo Man!


Anonymous said...

Man, Gok Wan is my hero, too. I love that show. Craig always makes sure to remind me it's on, which probably has more to do with the tonne of naked ladies than making sure I don't miss it, ha ha ha. But, great show!!

dana said...

That sounds like a great show-- huzzah for body positive! :)

If you're craving the sweet stuff on your cleanse, you can also invest in some vanilla bean pods and grind them up for stuff like oatmeal or on apple pieces. I used to have my daily fruit quotient right in the morning-- homemade apple cinnamon oatmeal with ground flax seeds and VANILLA pods sprinkled on top. And butter. Don't forget that sweet, sweet butter.