Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Wrap up

Yay! The nonsense is all over. My house can get clean again. My laundry will be done. The loo will shine. Not that we celebrated mightily, but even having Chris home for a week proves too distracting for mundane chores.

We had a lovely dinner with Jake while he was up here visiting friends* at one of our favourite places, Crush. The waitress asked us if we wanted to sit in the lounge. Um Jake is 15, but he was tickled. :) ooh my widdle baby...

We also decided with all of Chris' health stuff going on to put off the trip we had been sort of planning to Vegas and instead bought a new sectional from IKEA. We sit a lot, so why not right? It should take a couple of weeks, but we need to get rid of of our old stuff. If anyone out there local knows someone who needs a super comfy couch and chair, give me a shout. I'll send pictures and be happy to give it to a new home.

While at IKEA we saw what we immediately called the Pickles clubhouse** and had to pick it up for him. A success was had with this! See below for proof.

See.. he LOVES IT!

*Teenagers. Friends are the living end man. Groovy, can you dig it? Hahahaha.

**No gurls allowed.

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dana said...

Nothing beats a clean toilet after New Year's! Hopefully 2008 won't suck as much as 2007 did!

PS: We saw a sign on the way out for New Year's camping that read: "Goodbye Ridiculous 2007". Yup. That pretty much sums it up!