Monday, December 24, 2007

Say hello

To the man I am spending the holidays with. My man Dexter. See, Chris ended up in hospital on Thursday night with some Crohns related badness. We spent the wee hours of the morning* in the Foothills ER with him in immense amounts of pain. Poor guy. He was admitted and there he shall be for the next few days (we think) until hopefully, it resolves itself. The problem, not the hospital. He is on a liquid diet so no turkey** or good stuff. Or even Chinese food. So he is stuck in hospital with some seriously crazy roommates (he is writing this stuff down. Holy wack!) and a new portable DVD player (early gift from me!) and a giant stack of movies. I will take the rest of his gifts up tomorrow and he will have even more stuff to watch/listen to. I'm confident he won't be reading this anytime soon so its OK to say it. :)

I am seriously thrilled to be having my time with my new boyfiend (hahaha that's a typo I'll leave in!) Dexter. After accidentally pushing the Shaw Video on Demand button I noticed something rather incredible. All the HBO shows I had been meaning to watch, all of them, FREE! I know TV is free, but I kinda reckoned I'd missed the boat the first time around, so am tickled fuchsia to see all of them in order. FOR FREE. Did I mention FREE?

So in between hospital visits and late into the night, I have some fun serial viewing to do. Bloody good TV.

In the words of my neighbour "Happy whatever the hell it is you celebrate!" From Me, Chris, Max and Pickles. Stay safe and have fun.

*Why does this stuff never happen at 11am? Why is it 1.30 am is better for emergencies? Is there a memo I didn't get? Hmm...

**or turkey smoothies. Maybe a cranberry flavoured one?


knittinggrammy said...

Sorry to hear about Chris, we'll think good thoughts and Turkey smoothies for him!! Merry Christmas to you guys, and try not to spend too much time with Dexter LOL!!

lapine said...

Poor Chris :( I hope he is feeling better now. That sucks, hard.

Yay for Dexter! The books are good too... just started reading 'em.

And double YAYAY! for the free stuff on VOD. I worked my way through Californication... and started Flight of the Conchords too.

dana said...

I hope Chris is feeling better. Crohn's is no fun at all, especially during the holidays! :(

Um, you guys can have my turkey smoothie. No really- it's yours.

Lucy said...

Tell Chris I feel his pain... I was in having the ol' colonoscopy right before Christmas. Test's not bad but the prep's a bitch!

Hope things are better for him now.

Merry Christmas you two.