Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Day 3

Oh cupcakes! I am surprised that the thing I am missing most is SWEETNESS. I never really thought of myself as too much of a sweet tooth* but damned if I am not missing a sugary fix about now. Day 2 went ok, I was feeling some fatigue in the afternoon and the trips to the loo are still ridiculous. I also had some nausea last night. I have rediscovered water with lemon as a drink and have tried some new herbal teas too**. Also can I take a moment to say HOLA CHILE!! Thank you for your bounty of fresh cherries in the dead of winter. Although I should probably not eat a pound of them at a time while taking *laxaherb*. Oops. Lesson learned.

I spun up some fibre from MamaE (super wash merino) that I got from Morgan, it is going to be some seriously spectacular socks I tell ya. I working on trying to get a consistent worsted weight single (ala Malabrigo) and thanks to the boards on Ravelry, have been inspired to try some new things. Man, that place is a wealth of information!

Ugh. I am feeling a bit le' crappy (LITERALLY) but don't cry for me Argentina, I am doing this of my own free will.

*unlike my husband who I watched eat half a pumpkin pie yesterday. With cream. Dammit!

**Celestial Seasonings! Cherry Berry is gross, Tangerine Orange Zinger is not.


dana said...

Forget a sweet tooth- I have a whole sweet MOUTH, but after doing the cleanse (and then following the diet part for a couple of months) a few years back, the things I missed the most were pickles, mushrooms, and vinaigrette. BRING ON THE FERMENTED STUFF!!

Chris said...

I did not eat half a pumpkin pie. At three different times that day, I had 1/6th of the pie. See, that doesn't sound nearly as piggily.

karen said...

If you mean the three different times were three 5 minute intervals in say 20 mins, I agree.