Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I got my ebay win yesterday! I am quite taken with the idea that this little bakelite wonder has been around for 70ish years. I wonder who the women were who had it before me? Was it used to hold wool for socks knit for soldiers? Did the person using it love it or was it just a tool? Did she sit for hours knitting dreaming of other projects? Mmmmm.. so many thoughts.

It sits beside a little cabled bag I made (up) to give away then couldn't bring myself too. I should publish the pattern (or send it in somewhere I keep getting told) so it could be appreciated by someone other than me.

It has finally stopped raining and cleared right up today. Our skies are so beautiful, giant and blue. My backyard is a nightmare though.. ever since I have decided I hate outside, its gone to hell in a handbasket. Oh well.. I look after the inside of the house.. Its some elses' problem outside. I also made some FANTASTIC chocolate chip pecan cookies yesterday. How fantastic you ask? Well I made 5 dozen (plus 2!) and had to scramble to freeze half of them last night. AND just for the record I ate 5. The man and boy did an amirable job on the rest. Good job boys!

I have a small rant now.. I am going to make a couple more afghans (to prevent the evening fight about who gets the only one we have) and have been sussing out wool suppliers. I was going between Knitpicks and Elann. They have the same stuff (Knitpicks Wool of the Andes and Elanns Peruvian Highland) and what to my wondering eyes should appear? (oops wrong season) The fact that even with exchange AND shipping, its cheaper to order from Knitpicks! Substantially! How can I buy Canadian when IT'S SO MUCH CHEAPER TO NOT?!? Damn.. but still, Knitpicks is more than likely getting my dosh now. :/

PS I am getting comments but am still unsure how to respond to them.. so keep 'em coming. I am technmuhlogically impaired still ok?


granolagirl said...

That's quite the find, very unique, although it looks quite mammary...Have you tried it yet??
So now for more important things, how do I get my hands on some cookies (JK)

Tangerine Dreams said...

Those cookies sound so num! Too bad if I ate one I might die :( I'm such an ignoramus. What's a bakelite?

karen said...

Mmmmmmmm... cookies. Whatchoo allergic too? Bakelite is PLASTIC (but fancy old fashioned plastic) from ye olden days (ok maybe like the 20's on) that they made everything with! Jewelery, buttons, dinner plates etc. Its splenderific! :P

karen said...

Oh and Terra.. you only have to ask for cookies and they shall be yours :D