Monday, June 19, 2006

Good morning morning!

The weekend passed in a blur (like most do I reckon) of knitting, movies and some shopping. Mmm... three of my favorite things. I headed over to Make 1 on Sunday to chat with the ever deligthful Amy and Sandra and found a couple of knitting pals already there so whats a gal to do but hang out (all afternoon!) and chat. Henry the bear had come along for the ride and was passed from hand to hand and now I swear there's no living with him. His hydro-cephalic head is even more full of compliments from the adoring legion of ever growing fans. But really, look at him..

He needed to pose with his afghan warshrag to show off himself and the happiness that is cotton.

Two down, how many million to go?

While I was at Make 1 I *had* to pick up the One Skein book. I had thought about ordering it from Amazon with some Bday $$ my SIL had given me, but couldn't stomach the thought of waiting 4-6 weeks to get it. That's just the way I roll ok? But really, since I was there.. who could resist? I think (like my dear Kathy) I need to make some felted bowls for various and sundry gee gaws and totchkes I have hanging around. Also.. I had to fondle a ridiculous amount of yarn that was all so kitteny soft it was almost unbelievable. Mmmmm... silk and wool blends are calling me!! *What* they are calling me is an entirely different matter.

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