Thursday, June 22, 2006

How could I not?

Oh my what is this????

Bag bag, what's in the bag??

How could I NOT buy this delicious alpaca-ness? It was 50% OFF!!! Now THAT'S a deal. I know there is one random skein of burgundy in there (which goes against my NO ONE SKEIN rule) but I swear it'll be used. I SWEAR!! Make 1 had the most phenomenal sale.. I'm not sure if its a good thing that I'm going back on Saturday for my spinning class. Dangerous indeed. I also picked up the new Knit Scene magazine and think I know the next sweater I HAVE to make. The Central Park Hoodie:

Isn't it yummy? Mmmm...

Now I'm off to the spa for a morning of pampering. Facial (and alpha hydroxy treatment!) and pedicure. A very lovely Giftmas pressie from the man. He was scared I'd never use it, but I was just waiting for it to be closer to summer so I'd have purty toes. Behold Riverside Spa:

I'll be thinking of you all.. oh who am I kidding? I won't be thinking at all.


granolagirl said...

absolutely love that hoodie, will be so insanely jealous when you wear it!! I got my mason dixon and last minute books in from amazon, but am stuck in small town bc working until next friday, so they sit at my house lonely and confused about the lack of welcoming they received!! Beautiful alpaca, so excited to see what you will create.

karen said...

We miss you, come back soon. :) Will have to find the yarn for the hooidie yet so it'll be a while! Have fun in smalltown bc. ;)

Tangerine Dreams said...

Oooo. Hoodie so nice! Nice bootie from the sale!