Tuesday, June 06, 2006


I have fallen in love with the gorgonian shawl from here:


If they offered just the pattern I would have happily bought it, but you know things never work that smoothly right? So I reckoned I could make my own version. I am pleased with how its coming along now (into my second repeat of the holes) BUT (there is ALWAYS a but right?) I am not going to have enough yarn! I am using Drops Alpaca *drool* in a swampy green colour that I picked up at Gina Browns. Welp.. I shoulda bought more when I was there cause 3 balls just ain't gonna cut it. Nowhere else in the city has anymore, (damn you swampy lovers!) so whats a gal to do? Call her hometown and get her Mummy to send it down! I found some at a shop called River City Yarns. They were kind enough to put some aside (and accept my card over the phone! Like in the olden days!) so my Mummy can come and get it. Its a different dyelot, but such is the price. I shall have to do some blending magic when it gets here to make sure it looks ok, but what alternative do I have? I can handle a slightly two tone shawl.

Besides... its monster coloured. Everyone loves monsters right?

Pictures will follow as soon as the boy gets home to show me how to upload them from his camera. Mine bit it not long ago...


Truth Claw said...

Congratulations, I was trying to figure out how to make it as they don't sell the pattern alone, but I've had no luck so far. I look forward to seeing your pictures!

Would you be willing to share your pattern with the rest of us who are drooling over this shawl?!


karen said...

Have a look at a few entries after this one. Finished product up there...

I am thinking of starting a pttern section. We'll see how time permits :)

Anonymous said...

Do you plan on making your pattern available?

thanks, Stella (stellaboyer@hotmail.com)

ps I am not sure how replies work, but if you do reply, could you also reply to my e-mail address above? I am new to blogs and still trying to figure things out