Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Oh my!

Well I did it, I finished the gorgon. Its ever so lovely (if I do say so myself!) and soft and and and..

It was a lot of mindless stitching but I'm SO pleased with how it came out! The colour looks true as well (at least on my monitor) and is scrumptious! These are unblocked photos and now I'm actually not sure if I will do a lot of blocking to it. It has some pretty nice shape as is. That Alpaca is absolutely wonderful to work with, dreamy and soft. I cannot ever rationalise going back to slightly ick yarn. I do believe it was the Yarn Harlot who said (paraphrased) work with the best stuff you can. Its your legacy! Ok I will.. no telling me twice.

I caved and ordered that wool from Knitpicks.. 4 shades of blue for my delovely husbands giant granny square afghan. How could I not? I also picked up some cotton for doing some warshrags (from the Mason Dixon book.. Which rocks all kinds of socks mmkay?) from Wallyland today. I have to have happy hands or all is not well.

I turned around a minute ago and found this:

How could anyone be sad with this little guy sitting by your side? That's Max for you all who haven't been introduced. He's my (almost) 10 year old Terrier (maltese/silky) buddy, friend and pal. He likes bonies, schmackos, belly rubs and groveling. Oh and sweaters. Being 11 1/2 pounds of terrier fun can be a cold job.

And now I leave you with this:

Really I dare you to watch and not wanna dance. AIYIYIYIYIYIYIYIYIYIYIYI!!!!!!!


Lee Herald said...

Hi Karen,

Well—I wanted to dance—but at the time I didn’t have a partner.

You have an interesting blog, and Max is very cuddly.

String theory, Karen?

Is this scientific?

No, its stitching, right?

Lee Herald

karen said...

Indeed it is stitching Lee. The only science here is the science of knitting which is pretty dang scientific if you ask me!

Max thanks you.

Tangerine Dreams said...

Hey, i'm packing and must book before Edie's naptime comeths but just want to say "WOWZERS" that turned out beautiful. I hear you on the working with best stuff you can. Life's too short for ick. Your Max is too cute and am loving your blog!! Must run. See ya in two weeks! xmooch

Lil'T said...

I want to cuddle Max while wearing the Gorgon and eating a cookie... *sigh* I miss you.

Life is too short to work with ick but i'm too broke and lame at knitting to indulge - when will i cross the barrier from ick to lovely... we shall see :) perhaps once it is a little one wearing the lovely...

karen said...

OMG!! Is there news you nned to tell me Ms T?? Baby NEWS!?!

Christine said...

WOW!!! That is beautiful. You are so wonderfully talented, Karen.