Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Holey smokes.

I was inspired to start a wee scarf (inspired by the gorgon I reckon) that was all a-holey. I have a hank of handspun a pal gave me for a gift a good long while ago that deserved to be done up into something nifty. Its not the best spun stuff I have worked with (gauge ranges from thread to bulky but who am I to complain? The twist was set at least and it was a GIFT!) but I thought this may be just the project for it.

Its super soft merino and you can see the fuzzy here!

It'll look much better when its blocked. Really. Went to knit club last night! Yay! Today I am gonna hit the Make 1 Solstice yarn sale with some hot chicks. Why not? You can always use more yarn right??

Now go look at this:

And the next time you need an insult.. you'll look mighty SMRT! :)

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Anonymous said...


I have a wee holey scarf on the needles that looks EXACTLY like that... except that your yarn is a lot nicer. I really must stop doing all my experimenting on cheap acrylic yarn!

Raynell (from knit club)