Thursday, June 15, 2006


Its absolutely pouring today. Not that I mind. I don't really like outside that much so rain isn't too much bother. Besides it looks so pretty..

I started a warshrag while watching "So You think You Can Dance"* last night. I had no idea how the slip stitch thingy was going to work, but its really, really nifty looking. Kitchen cotton is so damn cheerful to work with. I can just daydream about having all these wonderful vintage-y looking kitchen linens. I should really put up some shelves in my tiny kitchen and find me some milk glass. I love the way it looks. Not the greatest photo I know, but one does what one can.

The dog is V upset at the rain however.. its like a bath everytime he goes outside. Haha! Wet Dog!

*I love these skill based shows. So sue me. Besides dancing=teh cool.

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granolagirl said...

I am also extremely hooked on so you think you can dance, lucky for me I stay at hotels when I'm out of town so I didn't miss it last night!! We should do a so you think you dance while making dishcloths!! I ordered mason dixon through amazon though so no cool dishcloths til June 23-26ish.