Thursday, April 10, 2008

Snow day

I know the In laws LOVE these posts.


Chris and I both had trouble sleeping last night so we decided to go get breakfast at Phils at 6.30am. Us and 2 business guys. It was snowing a titch*. Then this:

And this:

Oh yeah and this after the car had been brushed 3x:

Mr Pickles Chewbacca. Who if course had a haircut 2 days ago:

You know its supposed to be 20 Celsius Saturday. Oh Calgary.

I made us stop at Safeway at 8am and was really not pleased with my shoe choice of cloth Maryjane's trekking through 8 inches of snow. Oh well. That'll learn me. Or not.
*Like thick rain. This all fell within the space of an hour and a half and is still coming down.

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