Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bloody Hell

Remember the Hipknits debacle of last year? Seems I'm not alone as a ginormous thread on Ravelry attests. Anyways, I had put the yarn away as I just hadn't decided what to do with it. I've been wanting to do a short sleeves shirt to maybe take to Vegas so pulled it out. Upon closer inspection, it was a terrible dye job. TERRIBLE. Not a single skein was uniform and none of them matched each other even really. So I decided to over dye it. Not a hard decision. I got some nifty black Jacquard dye from my pal Cal at Shuttleworks* and give 'er. I got out the yarn and when I went to get it wet OMG.

HOLY SHIT. This is what it did to the towel I had it sitting on.

Boy am I impressed. In fact it was so shitty, I'm hoping the over dye will be enough. One skein was clearly a different dye job than all the others, it looks different even with the over dye. AND the black turned it purple (which I was mostly expecting) but its still far superior to the pink. I'll post pics when they are dry.

Can I just reiterate what a disappointment this was? So much time and MONEY for this? All I can say is Hipknits really dropped the ball. Nearly a year later and I still regret that decision.

*OMG can you say FAST SHIPPING? ONE DAY! Cal .. you rock.


Stef said...

Hooo! The various Hipknits/Magknits threads on the Rav were quite a read! I'm so interested in the way Ravelry disseminates opinions, because before this went down I thought I was the only person having a rough time with HK/MK. (I'm in the "unhappy" camp as well-- never got paid for my Magknits design.)

dana said...

Oooh... did I miss a debacle? Do tell! I LOVE GOSSIP (and I'm only ashamed 50% of the time to admit it!)

Imagine that wool bleeding like that all over your SKIN! It would be like new indigo jeans, only way worse because it's red. Bloody hell!

Morgan said...

That would totally piss me off. I hope that you can salvage it.

Sarah said...

yeeeoww thats hot *rubs eyes*

-would upset me too >.<