Monday, April 21, 2008

Not a handy man

I love my husband. I really really do. He is smart and funny and cute. He is NOT HANDY. Nope. I mean he tries. Hard. It irritates his perfectionist nature. He is pretty damn Type A when it comes to well.. everything. So this lack of handy is somewhat perplexing to him.

Case in point 1:

Peeing in the dark for 2 weeks. Cause the "easy install bathroom fan" was not. And it only took 4 years to finally finish the last thing that needed to be done on it.

Case in point 2:

Leaky Kitchen Faucet. Easy to change out right? Really for the most part yes*. How lovely is this Mo├źn faucet. Gorgeous yes?

Until you get a sticky bit. Like a stuck washer that apparently deserves a bloody good bashing when it won't behave. COUNTER TOP BE DAMNED.

Nice huh? Guess what? WE GET A NEW COUNTER!!!! Yay!! :) Now to decide on what to do with the grotty ol' cupboards.

* No leaks anymore! Good job lovey!

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