Friday, April 04, 2008

Love list and why family is always fair game

I knit my Dad some socks. Well, I knit some socks that fit my Dad. They were originally going to be for me but I thought the colour wasn't me, so maybe I'd just keep knitting them and give 'em to Chris. I measured and measured, and turned the heel and kept going. NOPE. But hey! my Dear Ol' Dad has relatively small feet* and so off they went. I always ask that people take pictures of them with their knitted stuff.. then I know they get worn at least once. :) This is what he sends me. My cheeky Dad. The photo was accompanied by a note that says, here I am ready for summer. A chick magnet. I seriously don't know how my Mom held it together to take the pic. Oh Pops, you rock! That why Socks that Rock (in Velvet Grape) suits suits you to T. See? The cheeky apple doesn't fall far from the cheeky tree does it? I reckon he wouldn't have sent the pictures if he didn't want the world (all 7 of you that read this) to see. I love my Dad.

Not a lot of fibre Friday to show you as I still have it on the wheel hidden from the painting bomb, but love list? Oh yeah..

My 40 dishtowels that are all the same.

The smell of the first bit of espresso to come out of my machine.

Using up a lip gloss, go buy a new one!

Finding my colour conditioner on sale and buying three tubes of it.

Little Caesar's Cheese pizza for 5 dollars.

Fresh mangoes.

Rona. Proudly Canadian. Like me!

The endless possibilities of freshly painted walls.

Terriers in the morning. Staring at me with their dog eyes. Whinging to go out. For the 4th time in an hour.

Watching James Irvin knock out Houston Alexander in less than 15 seconds of the first round. SUPERMAN PUNCH!

Hell's Kitchen and Chef Ramsey. Or just Chef Ramsey. In everything.

The fact that with this convalescence Chris watched the food network, flip this house and the slice channel. I can deal with that!

Coffee, always sweet sweet coffee.

Cupcakes. Cause I know I am gonna have a real one this weekend. This craving is strong. Like the force, but with better icing.

What about some etsy love? OK!

Excellent Fridge Protection
SCARY! I love it

Have a wonderful weekend possums!

*Relative to Chris. Who has GIANT FEET! And you know what giant feet means.. GIANT SOCKS.

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dana said...

This picture makes my day every time I look at it. Thanks for posting! :)