Friday, April 11, 2008

Fibre Friday, or how I survived the great blizzard of '08

Hardly. For reals though, I actually do have stuff...

and just so you don't think Pickles was the only unhappy pup, here's the grouchiest of them all. The snow was over his head at one point and a path had to be made so he could wee. Poor Maximilian J Scrufflesworth the third (he prefers this).

Now this is some merino from ebay somewhere that is spun into self striping (Gods I rock) yarn. 2 ply, the colour changes were easy enough as I remembered to write them down. Never tried this before, but it turned out AWESOME. There is 332 grams (11.7 ounces) of this stuff!

Crown Mountain Superwash merino. Um I love this. It really wants to stay with me. And become thick house socks. Really.

I am so looking forward to our Vegas getaway. Its too soon to start a countdown, so until then, I'm marking time in other ways. Like 8 more days until the St Pierre/Serra fight! 1 day until I have my pals over! 2 hours until I eat lunch! Ok.. thats how it goes. Sad innit?

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