Thursday, September 07, 2006

Picot problems!

I am done the body of my yummy sweater but and having some real issues with the bind off I want. See.. I want a nice picot edge and am having a helluva time getting it. I did the old y/o, k2 tog and was gonna hem it, but it didn't look that good. In fact it looked crap so I ripped it out (after binding off the whole thing mind you) so back to the drawing board. I tried to do this at Knit Club last night, but this is a sit alone kinda thing so... I reckon I better get going. I have Nancy Wiseman's picot bind off all written out and will see if thats a go. If not expect more complaining. A session in the massage chair (which really needs a name yes? Suggestions welcome!) will help me overcome this I'm sure!

Thats it up there!! Nifty huh?? But nameless...

Today I actually am cooking a nice big family dinner. Too bad Chris is working late and Jakey is at a friends. Looks like me and Max will have a nice roast to ourselves. Ok I am joking. Mostly. I really don't think Max will have much ;)


kathy said...

Too weird! I thought that was a baby seat for your new car (congratulations by the way on Jack)! We just bought a new car this week too. Love it!!! Nameless though. For your chair, hmmm... How bout... Beouf. French for beef and sounds you'll make while he's doing you up.

Christine said...

How about... Picard! Because it looks like the chair on Star Trek (TNG). Not that I'm a trekkie or anything *takes off a pair of rubber vulcan ears*