Friday, September 29, 2006

Its time for another episode of whats in the bag??

Oh my..a brown bag of yarn...


This will very soon be turned into a fabulous vest for Chris! I don't think you all understand the negotiations this took. Colour is the big issue so I ended up taking him into Make 1 where I needed the help of Morgan, Suzen and of course the ever fabulous Sandra to convince him my way was (of course) the right way. He completely folded like a house of cards when he saw the wonderous felted tweed and even agreed about the colours! He looks so nice in warm tones. :)

Now if my knitpicks needles would just get here already (shipped on the 21st!) I could be the happiest girl in the house. Hey.. uh.. I'm the only girl in the house. Whatever.. I'll take what I can get.

After the Great Sweater Debacle poor Amy needs a break. She has all my tea and sympathies.

Oops.. the dogga is outside barking. Must see what up..

Have a happy weekend all!


morgan said...

And he even picked up the orange, fondling it!!

Leah said...

You look like you have skills when it comes to the needles, and would love to have your insight at my new knitting board:

I hope to get to meet you there, and get to learn more from your skills.