Thursday, August 31, 2006


I forgot the bags at work last night. The class went really well though (and I'm so excited that you signed up Terra!!!!!) all the ladies seemed to really enjoy the whole process of learning and putting it all together. I'll post the pics when I take some of the finished products :) To make do, you all have to wonder at the fabulousness that is the BLACK PEARL!

Wow this pattern really cooks along and I have to say I am so in love with the idea of no seaming it thrills me to the core. Variegated yarn is so throwback I can't help but love it. I saw a video the CBC did of Chris' paternal Grandparents on the subject of marriage (I HEART YOU CBC!) and his Granddad had the most gorgeous handknit (by Grandma of course) variegated sweater on. You almost see the palpable love knitted into every stitch. Of course it didn't hurt that Grandma & Grandpa were just so damn cute either. I love hearing about how women of past generations were so crafty (by necessity) in all their ways. What a great circle to belong to.


Is now home with us. It has heated seats, air conditioning, keyless entry, power windows and mirrors and plays MP3's. The colour is so beautiful I may have to cry. I LOVE YOU JACK (that's his name ok?)!!

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granolagirl said...

My truck is Goddess Indigo, so yeah, Jack is just fine, as long as he's a dependable chap!

P.S. I love redheads (such as Jack would be if he were to humanize)